Friday, October 05, 2018

The Evidence

Who is watching us? WE NEVER KNOW! This is from September 26, 2013.
As you might remember, I get up very early to exercise. This time of year, I wade gingerly into our apartment pool about 5:30 AM or so and swim for 21+ minutes. When it gets too cold, and it's increasingly brisk lately, I'll go back to Chancellor's, my fitness club close to WCS, and swim there before school. My schedule will become more complicated November 1 when a local high school squad will use Chancellor's for their 6 AM practices so I'll have to swim in the afternoon after lifting weights. I wear pool shoes because I run in the water along with swimming and the pool has a concrete bottom which is rough on even the tough skin on our soles. Let me tell you, the early morning dark dip is a terrific way to gun your body's engine, especially when it's cold. Four years ago, I made it to the weekend before Thanksgiving before the frigid water became more than I could take. I think I've got at least 3-4 weeks in me this autumn!

My apartment complex has about 500 units but I'm ashamed to say I only know six residents by name, not including people I work with. I do know quite a few folks by face but I'm at school all day and travel during our vacation times and apartments have a transient nature. That's why I was taken aback yesterday at the outdoor community mail box center. An elderly man I did not recognize was standing there when I unlocked my mailbox and he said something that caught me off guard.
"I see you went swimming this morning."
I really didn't know what to say so I said something along the lines that I had not seen him. His reply?
"I saw your footprints in the hallway."

I don't know what time he got up but I was out of the pool by roughly 6 AM. As I followed him out of the mail area, I saw he went into a doorway that indeed is on my path to and from the pool. I never knew anyone noticed.

Our lives are under constant scrutiny without our being aware. I hate to make another Person Of Interest reference but it's almost like that with human surveillance instead of electronic monitoring. The gentleman knows me and I have no clue who he is. People notice what we wear which often in my case is clothes bearing the logo and title of my place of employment where we profess to be believers even in our name. I've had others mention the cross around my neck which I often forget I'm wearing. And as I've written lately, people will comment about my shoes, particularly the orange Adidas pair! But we don't have to be physically present to be noticed. What we do and the report of how we conduct ourselves is carried through the voices and opinions of those with whom we may not share any apparent connections. One of the last acts of kindnesses Jesus performed on the far side of His crucifixion was humbly washing the feet of those in His circle, even the betrayer. We don't make a big deal over the beauty of feet but they are indispensable to the ability of living what most consider a normal life. And every step we take leaves an imprint, even if it dries up quickly. The footprints of those who change our lives forever, though, will never evaporate. The funny thing is that we might be those footprints to others and in out naivete, never be conscious of our influence. Watch where you step.

Applicable quote of the day:
"If you really want to get your feet wet, you have to first have the courage to step in the water."
Eugene Nathaniel Butler 

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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