Friday, August 09, 2013


Over the past three summers, I've gotten close to Dat, the little boy I talk about in these two updates from Can Tho written a little more than two weeks ago. 

I thought it being a slower day that I would talk some about Dat. If you have read these reports the two summers prior to this one, you know that Dat has three awesome sisters named Oanh, Yen, and Phuong and a wonderful mother. You also know their father was killed in a motorcycle accident in the fall of 2010 and that by living here in the summers, he became very close to Tom so naturally Tom's passing in February was very difficult for him. Dat is sensitive and very affectionate. I've seen a great deal of growth in Dat over the three summers I've spent in Can Tho. Let me share a few things. Dat has the mindset and the innate ability, I think, to be an engineer. He has a battery operated car with a control set. This afternoon I watched him take the car apart and disassemble the parts on the interior and run them separately with the motor. This morning, I watched him take that same car and use the turbine in the motor to burrow into the neighbors' sand pile abutting our porch. Last week, at his house, he showed off his yo yo abilities! But I've seen a great deal of growth spiritually which dwarfs his other areas. I've walked in on him reading his Bible all by himself. During services, I've watched him imitate his cousin, Hai, as he leads singing. During the sermons, he takes excellent notes. And his Bible with all its markings would make Bible majors at Christian colleges envious! Not bad for an eleven year old boy! Several nights ago, Dat and Nhi came into my room and presented me with a gift they picked out and purchased themselves. I got a place picked out for it on my desk at school! I need to go to bed- Nhanh is picking me up early in the morning to accompany her to the river school. Keep praying for all these good works here in Can Tho. There are inevitable problems in any mission but there was nothing here several years ago- that's progress!


Dat loves robotic things so this morning, we watched a bunch of youtube
clips on high school robotic competitions which led us to solving Rubik's
Cubes and we ended up at knocking down domino structures. Well, Dat and Nhi spent three hours in my room this afternoon, making designs and then
knocking them over. They were very creative and argued at times, shocking
for cousins! I have always been impressed that they can entertain
themselves with almost nothing. Dat is beginning to mourn my leaving which
has happened every year. He hugs me all the time and today on Google
translate he typed, Can't you stay here longer? Like I mentioned before, he
lost his dad and Tom in a short period of time and he gets attached very
easily. Hai is a very good role model for Dat and the fact they are cousins
insures they spend time together. Hai has arranged for Dat and Nhi to go to
the airport with us and they are excited. Lest you think this is no big
deal, it will probably take close to ten hours. I would not have done that
at 11 and 13 years of age.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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