Saturday, July 01, 2017

The Graveside

I have loved every one of our Chesshir family reunions in Nashville, Arkansas. Tonight's entry is from September 7, 2010 and is based on an e-mail and picture from one of my very favorite former students about her family reunion.

My entry last night evoked some thought from a number of my cousins as well as from my readers. We all had/have grandparents and the thought of their aging, I believe, reminds us of our own mortality. My entry this evening is very short and it comes from an e-mail I received today. Jenny (Haynes) Parrish was one of my (and my brother, Scott's) students in Tennessee as well as a manager for my varsity girls' basketball team. Through the Internet, we re-connected and have enjoyed getting reacquainted. Actually, Jenny kept me up to date about Scott's recent trip to the Mediterranean with his lovely wife Karen because I'm not on FACEBOOK. This afternoon, Jenny e-mailed about my devotional from Monday. She included a picture she took which is hauntingly evocative of my own memories. There is that same scene in most of our families; I know it's in mine. With her permission, here is what Jenny wrote:

First, I would like to comment on your blog post, The Graying of America. Loved it. You have a gift for sharing. This made me think of the Billy Dean song "Only Here for a Little While". I am not a huge country music fan, but love Billy Dean and this song ( I thought it was relevant to your post. He talks about how we need to take care of our unfinished business while we are here. I believe none of us are promised tomorrow and we all need to live each day as if it were our last. As I grow older I am much more aware of my mortality. It wasn't really something I thought about at all even 10 years ago. But time happens to us all and death will come to us all. I think it is important to let those important to you know that they have made a difference. I am going to share a photo with you that I took at our Hart Family Reunion. This was either the 98th or 99th. My great Uncle Leonard was the last of a large family. The photo is of him standing next to his mother and father's grave in our old family cemetery. I wonder what he was thinking. I have always loved this photo that I took; I think it speaks volumes.


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Luke 18:1

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