Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Thanks to my good friend and brother, Ken Ellis, for sending this along tonight. Please remember me in prayers as my trip to Vietnam approaches the half way mark!

I saw several pictures just the other day,
Each was inscribed "Jesus;" that's all they had to say.
"Which one is Jesus?" I asked myself out loud.
Each one looked so different as he stood amidst a crowd.
Where could I find him?  Where does He live?
Was this man still alive who taught us to forgive?

And so I went looking for Jesus, and asked each passerby,
"Have you seen Jesus since he ascended into the sky?"
"Why, yes," replied the storekeeper.  "He was here just a moment ago.
He gladly paid the bill for someone he didn't know."

How odd, I thought, as I raced out onto the street,
Searching in vain for this man that I hoped to meet.
And so my journey continued, as I walked along the road,
Wondering if this Jesus would help me with my heavy load.

I passed a little girl with an ice cream in her hand,
I asked if she'd ever seen Jesus as he traveled throughout the land.
"Oh, yes," she replied with a grin from ear to ear.
"He bought me this ice cream.  He was standing right here."

How very strange I thought, as I continued on,
Wondering just who was this Jesus, and where could he have gone.
Next I passed a funeral procession with mourners walking by,
"Pardon me, but have you seen Jesus?" to which came a joyful reply.
"My, yes," said one.  "He just wiped away the tears from each and every eye."

And then I saw a beggar sitting all alone,
His tin pail was half full, as he crouched on cold hard stone.
"Have you seen Jesus pass this way today?"
"I'd really like to find him and hear what he has to say."
"He wears a business suit," came the kind reply.  "He comes by every day.
He always leaves me something, and then he's on his way."

At last reality struck me, and much to my surprise,
I began to see Jesus, right before my eyes.
He does not have long hair, or dress in a robe of white.
He can be brown, yellow or even black as night.
For it's how we treat each other, and that is plain to see.
When I begin to help others, I find Jesus living in me.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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