Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Consider The Lilies...

Lord willing, I am now in Nashville, Arkansas for our biannual Chesshir family reunion. Sometime during the get together on the farm where my mother was born, I'll make the trek to her grave, about a mile away, which is side-by-side with Dad's. This is about something that happened in the aftermath of her funeral. It's from June 15, 2009.

Mom's funeral was on April 4th so about ten weeks have passed since we laid her to rest in the New Corinth Cemetery in Nashville, Arkansas. After the burial, we returned to the funeral home to pick up some family items we had set out for viewing. A number of friends and family members had sent flowers, including potted plants. It was decided we would all take one plant home. I selected a Peace Lily. As we left the funeral home to go to the dinner prepared by the church, I heard Sally's brother, Paul, say that the good thing about a Peace Lily is that they are impossible to kill. We'll see.

Did you know the biological name for a Peace Lily is Spathiphyllum? I googled it when I got back to Houston, determined to keep that piece of Mom's memory alive. What I found was it needs indirect light and a certain amount of water, the amount varying depending on the site you pulled up. Instead, I set the pot on a table and forgot about it. In several days, it started drooping and leaves started falling off. Immediately, I watered it and placed it next to a window with blinds. Each morning, I would open the blinds to meet the light needs of the plant. And it revived! But, I would get busy and forget to open the blinds and quench its thirst for awhile and the cycle began again. I'm currently in a downward spiral. I hope I can rejuvenate the Peace Lily to where it resembles the picture at the top of the page. We'll see.

I'm not used to caring for plants or pets and taking the steps to insure they survive and flourish. This is my first stab at keeping something else alive. It's in my hands. The plant isn't going anywhere and if it perishes, there is only one to blame. Our relationship with God is like my relationship with the lily. He isn't changing or moving. A vibrant relationship is possible and He longs for it.... but I treat my Maker like I treat the plant. Give it some attention from time to time and then revert to busyness and apathy. When it starts to wither, I vow to change and I do better for awhile...and then the cycle begins anew. The verdict is still out as to whether you can kill a Peace Lily by neglect. I do know that Jesus taught that the beauty of the lilies in the field comes from the Father, the same Father who looks after His followers. I am indifferent but the Father never is. Thank God.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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