Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Eyes Of Amara

Amara is one of my very talented students. She is very passionate about life and the less fortunate, whether of the human race or the animal kingdom. Last week, I told her I would be most grateful if she wrote something for my blog and she has. I added pictures from the work of my niece, Meagan Hawley, in Zambia. Meagan takes care of orphaned and abandoned babies at the Namwianga Mission. These little ones are lucky in that they have Meagan and the aunties and the others who support the outreach. I suspect Amara and Meagan are a great deal alike. Maybe someday they will cross paths and when they do, I know it will be in service to those who cannot help themselves.

I can't. I can't walk away and let them cry silently, wordlessly. I can't just standby and listen to these awful stories of everything that's happening without craving the power to make a difference in each of their lives. Why is it when you look into their eyes, you don't see the same pain I see, the same ache for the ability to make you understand. I will teach you, but you must be willing. You have to listen! For I have so much to say on their behalf, so much to tell you, so much to translate in words that you can understand for every word they try to say. Or you don't even have to, just look. Observe. And as you look into their eyes, you will understand everything that I hear that they scream at me. You will understand what we must do. 

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