Thursday, March 09, 2017

Pieces Of The Puzzle

Mom, the Harding May Queen.
Dave, me, and Mom on the shores of Lake Michigan.
The passing last week of my Uncle Monroe has made me think about my family. This is about my mom and it is from April 3, 2013.

On Sunday, my entry was on the four year anniversary of the passing of my mother, which this year coincided with Easter. Within a day, I had received responses from two ladies who had known Mom at different stages of her life and with much different perspectives of the lady who brought me into the world. I know some of you have lost your parents and will agree that there is something almost magical about gaining new insights into your mom and dad. Mom was thirty when I was born and as a child, I guessed that's when her life began. But as the mosaic that was her life is continually refreshed, I find myself appreciating my heritage even more. It's not one of great wealth but one of love and service. Life is always a series of little episodes which are mostly unnoticed but when strung together, form a legacy. The first note is from someone I've never met but who knew Mom as a child. The second is from Sherri Scott Barber who grew up with me and whose parents were tremendously influential in my life. I am most grateful to Jo and Sherri for sharing their memories with me and letting me share them with you. I hope I can do a better job of telling others what their parents have meant to me.

Good Morning, Steve, I'm not sure now how I began getting your devotional and blog posts on Facebook....probably through a friend. But, I did not realize until recently that Nelda is your mom. I was a first grader at Harding Academy the year your mother was May Queen. Another little girl and I from that first grade class were chosen to "carry her train" in that years celebration. I have thought of her many times over the years.....she was my six year old vision of what a "real princess" was like. I remember her as beautiful, loved by all who knew her and so very sweet to the two little girls who walked behind her on that special day. I lost track of her over the years but my memories of her have been very special. I am now so grateful to know who you are and realize that you are hers. I enjoy your posts and you can be sure that your life and your work honor your Heavenly Father and your parents as well. It is good to learn more of their life after harding and your family through the years. Sincerely, Jo Howe ( Eddy Jo Hughes - Maiden name)

I dreamed about your mother last night. She was in a wheelchair, and I was attempting to walk unassisted (which I've been working on for the past couple of days). In my dream we discussed the frustrations of not being as mobile as we would like, but then shared blessings that we both have and the patience we have learned. She was a wonderful woman that I always looked up to. Did you know that I spent a semester of afternoons in her classroom when we were juniors in high school? It was part of the Future Teachers of America program. I learned so much from her about teaching, about family, and about Christian living. When I was baptized, Jonathan was only a few months old, so my mom didn't go into the dressing room with me, but your mom did. When I came up out of the baptistry, she wrapped a towel around me, hugged me tightly and kissed my cheek. I remember her saying, "such sweet wet kisses". Next to my own mother, she has influenced my life more than any other woman I've known. 

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