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Drew, Dough, And The Resurrection!

The one and only Drew White!
Drew is now a seventh grader!! This is from March 28, 2013!
Over the past several years, I have penned a number of devotional entries about the White family. Mike, our Westbury Christian upper school guidance counselor, was the inspiration for his gift in tying all of my 200+ ties. Mike's wife, Jennifer, is our WCS lower school administrator. She makes the best meat loaf in Houston, and had a unique entry to the world of dating which I have all my students analyze. Their daughter, Madison, now a WCS fifth grader, was the topic several times as I discussed her mission of supplying Barbie dolls to little girls in Honduras whose folks could not afford them. Mike and Jennifer also have a son, the incomparable Drew. Ever since he started coming to our summer basketball camp, Drew shoots an imaginary shot when we pass by, complete with a retracing, or reversal of the form. Every coach loves that! Last night, Mike sent me a story about Drew and I asked if I could run it. What a testimony to the purity of youth, the creativity of a Godly teacher, and the retelling of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Here it is:

I don't know if this is useful or not.  I just thought this was funny.  When Drew was in K3, Tammy Farris was his teacher.  She had a very creative way of teaching about Jesus' burial and resurrection.  She brought a can of crescent roll dough, the kind that you unroll from the can and then separate each triangle and roll them individually.  Each student received a triangle and a mini-marshmallow.  The students dipped their mini-marshmallow in melted butter and rolled them in cinnamon.  Then, she had the students place the mini-marshmallow on their dough and roll it up into a crescent roll.  Finally, Tammy baked the rolls.  When the rolls were done, the students opened up the roll and marshmallow was gone.  Just like when the disciples approached Jesus' grave, He was no longer in it.  

Casey Farris (Tammy's husband) was the principal and just happened to stick his head in the door.  He said, "Hey guys, what are we doing today?"  Drew, not really having a clue Casey's role was so important, didn't miss a beat.  He whipped his head around and said, "We're cookin' Jesus!" and turned back around to the task at hand.  I chuckle every time I think of that story, but love the innocence of a 3 year boy.  He was wrapped up in his task and loved every second of it.  He probably didn't fully grasp the importance of the resurrection, but that really didn't matter.  He had a great teacher in front of him who loves the Lord.  She wanted Drew and his classmates to know Him, too.  As funny as Drew's statement was, he got a great foundation that day.  I'll forever be indebted to Tammy and all of the Godly teachers Drew and Madison have had who have taught them about the Lord.  I'm a very blessed man.

Applicable quote of the day:
 “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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