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Speechless (Catherine Smith)

My entry tonight was penned by one of my favorite students ever, the lovely Catherine Smith. Catherine is in our freshman girls' Old Testament Bible class taught by Laren McCormack. Last week, Laren gave each young lady the assignment posted below. Catherine's story, used by permission, follows.

This week we are getting into the heart of Joseph’s life at the end of Genesis.  We will learn Joseph is blessed by God with many talents, one of which is dream interpretation.  Dreams are still believed by many to be a part of how God talks to humans today.  Although Joseph interpreted dreams with God’s help, today we have standards for different dream items from letters to objects to events.  Using at least five universally accepted dream symbols, write a dream and provide the interpretation for it.   Your dream may be about anything, real or imagined, but it must be appropriate.  Your dream should be at least two pages long typed, double spaced and have a catchy title.  The interpretation should be long enough to get the full meaning of the dream.   


As she was saying her speech in front of the entire student body, Bailey started to choke up. She was sweating all over and could barely get her words out. Then, all of a sudden, she passed out. As she lay there on the floor, the nearest teachers that surrounded her soon became a blur as she drifting off into unconsciousness.
When she gained her sense of awareness, Bailey sat up in a field with grass so green and flowers that were uniquely colorful like the northern lights in Alaska. It was paradise. She eagerly got up, skipped through the field for what seemed like centuries, and daydreamed about a life full of only good things. Then, out of the blue, a forest appeared. Out of curiosity, she proceeded into the dark dangers of the woods.
A few steps in she came upon a city. The skyscrapers were as tall as three Empire State Buildings stacked on top of each other. To her amazement, giants appeared everywhere and circled around her. They started to yell in British accents for some reason and swiftly attempted to grab her. She was faster, though, and quickly ran under one of their legs and sprinted for the forest. She ran fast, but the giants were on her tail. She was getting tired and did not know how much farther she could go. As she was winding down, she tripped on a tree trunk and could not get up. She closed her eyes, the only thing that made her feel safe, and waited for the worse.
She laid there, her knees tucked under her into a little ball praying that she was out of harm’s way. Nothing happened, and she felt as if she were floating. She opened her eyes and realized she was in a no gravity zone. Outer space! Though there was no air, she could breathe perfectly. She awkwardly moved to catch a star, waving her hands like a butterfly and kicking her feet like a dolphin. She hitched a ride on a falling star and landed on a planet in no time.
As she wandered around Mercury, she came upon a castle that was made entirely of platinum. At once, people with elaborately ornamented dresses and cloaks ran out of the castle towards her. They placed a crown of many jewels on her head. It consisted of diamonds as sparkly as crystals and sapphires as blue as a cloudless sky. She was carried in a flamboyant carriage with two unicorns trotting towards the castle. Once inside the castle, she was led to a golden throne.
As evening approached, she decided to walk up to the tallest tower in the castle to gaze at the bright stars as she thought about the phenomenal journey she had that day. When she got up there and reached the window, her eyes was captivated by the moon’s brightness. Then, a gentle face appeared on the moon. It was saying something. It kept mouthing the words, but she could not understand. “What? What is it?” she responded. It started off as a mumble, but then it grew to soft voice repeating, “Wake up Bailey. Wake up!”
As Bailey opened her eyes she was encountered by her parents hugs and reassurance that she was just fine. She was in her bed and was told that she slept through the day and night. She jumped up, got dressed, and said, “Take me to school! I have a speech to give!”

  • Paradise: means that she is escaping the stresses of the real world; which is giving her speech
  • Giants: struggling with your opponents. In this case, it indicates that the audience and the fear of public speaking are her opponents.
  • Accent: difficulty conveying your thoughts. Bailey is having trouble giving her speech; she is choking up.
  • Dolphin: inspiration. She needs to be encouraged to do better and to go back and give her speech.
  • Crown/Platinum: success. She will be successful the next time she says her speech.
God bless,

Luke 18:1
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