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Change Of Direction

Last night, my thoughts were on the rock group Deep Purple. Quite a shift tonight as we look at The Osmonds. This is from September 29, 2012.
Good morning from the St. Louis International Airport. It’s been a  whirlwind trip for me to the Show Me State. Last night, I spoke to the annual dinner for Christian Family Services at the Frontenac Hilton. It was a terrific affair and I was so excited to reconnect with so many from CFS, where my father served as a marriage and family specialist, and the Lafayette Church of Christ, where my folks were members for twenty-three years. CFS does incredible work for children and families in the St. Louis area as well as Illinois. Over $163,000 was raised last night, allowing this great faith-based group to minister to families in crisis. Special shout-out to CFS director Steve Awtrey for making my trip such an enjoyable one!

While in St. Louis, I stayed for two nights with Trina Agee Cornell and her husband, Bob, who I was blessed to meet for the first time. Trina and I started going on Honduras missions together when she was a high school student and we probably made seven or eight of those trips to Central America. While I was waking up and getting ready to return home several hours ago, Bob went out for a twenty mile run (that is no misprint!) and Trina left to work-out at the gym across the street. As I was drinking my morning cup of coffee from the next door Quik Trip, which now counts me as a fan, I sat down and watched some television. I stopped on the Biography Channel which was airing a documentary on singer Andy Williams who died several days ago. It was a fascinating look at an entertainer whose career resembled a roller coaster, including a definite uptick with the recording of his signature hit, Moon River. The documentary spent considerable time on Andy’s television show which ran from 1962-to 1967.  One big part was the Osmond Brothers who became regulars and as a result, celebrities. How they came to The Andy Williams Show was what interested me. Andy’s father had seen the four original members of the Osmonds on television and told Andy he needed to book the boys. Andy apparently had not heard of them but called the brothers in for an audition. Within five days of his father’s suggestion, Alan, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay were receiving their first big exposure on national television. In short order, Andy had little brother, Donny, on the show and then sister Marie. The Osmond family became mainstays and fame followed. Just think- if Andy’s dad had not seen them, the Osmond’s might never  have hit the big time. Donny might not have become a heartthrob and Marie might not have become America’s Sweetheart. (My mom thought Marie was absolutely the perfect teenage girl.) History changed because of one man watching a television show and making a phone call. Just think of the incredible debt the entire Osmond family owes to Andy William’s father, Jay.

This morning as Trina drove me to the airport, we talked about what could have been. About five years ago, we tried very rigorously to hire Trina to teach at Westbury Christian School. Many of us at WCS knew her through those Honduras trips and were certain she would be a tremendous asset for us. In spite of a an all-out recruiting pitch, she decided to take a job much closer to her home in Nashville, Tennessee. I told Trina this morning that even though we were very disappointed, it turned out for the best. If she had moved to Houston, she probably would not have met her husband, Bob. She would not have been a part of her church in St. Louis where she is making an impact as she and Bob work with the young people. And she would not have touched the lives of the close to one hundred eighth graders she teaches every day in her middle school in Kirkwood, a suburb of St. Louis. I'm pretty sure the Lord would have been content if Trina came to Houston and He could have arranged in some other way for the two to cross paths. I believe He works through our wishes and prayers and His master plan although none of us can adequately explain it. Last night, I told the CFS crowd how my parents had three choices when they moved to St. Louis in 1985: Manhattan, New York, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota were their other options. Would they have made the same kind of impact in New York or South Dakota? I think so- they had the gift of letting God work through them. Trina has that same gift but I'm pretty sure Bob is glad it worked out like it did. The Lord knows what He is doing.

Applicable quote of the day:
"Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever."
Keri Russell

To watch and listen to the Osmonds, click or copy/paste the link below:

*I'm not a fan of the Osmonds but I really like the song above which they made many years after The Andy Williams show.*

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Luke 18:1
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Michael Kennedy said...

It's been a while since I've read your blog. Something (someone) led me there today. I frequently teach my school students and youth group kids that the choices they make follow them. They are rewarded or punished based on their choices. Thx, brother.