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Adam And Eve In Their Loft In The City (Kaitlyn Bracey)

Kaitlyn Bracey was new to WCS last year. She was a wonderful student in my eighth grade bible class and won the title from me of World's Biggest One Direction Fan. (If you have to ask about One Direction, you may not be hip enough to keep reading!) This year, her freshman Bible teacher is Laren McCormack and the class is Old Testament Survey. Recently, Laren assigned her classes this project:
Rewrite one of the Bible stories we have covered in class in a modern day setting.  Choose one of the stories you find particularly strange, odd or weird and think about the problems the characters would face in today’s society.  Be sure to have the same outcome, and you may refer to other stories we have covered as well as examples, or to bring up questions.  You may change the character’s names, but make sure I know which story you are referencing.   You may change whatever situations you feel are appropriate.   Your essay should be at least two full pages in length.  It should be typed in 12-point standard font, double spaced, with one inch margins.
This morning, Laren kindly showed me Kaitlyn's paper. I was overwhelmed and asked Kaitlyn if I could use it in my blog as I have other of her writings. She graciously consented. here is her masterpiece:

God created a great new loft apartment complex in downtown Houston. Adam was a good man, created by God, and he was placed in a loft in the middle of Houston. Adam was given many blessings in the city, including wonderful restaurants, parks to go jogging, and great furniture. He also had a fancy job downtown. God told Adam he could spend his money on anything he wanted but not to spend it on the Home Shopping Network which was the most appealing network on TV: this would lead to death.

Adam was given a wife named Eve who lived in the loft downtown with him. She stayed home while Adam went to work, focusing on getting their apartment and finances in order as well as planning for a family. While Adam was working every day, Eve started to get bored. She was a student before she met Adam and always stayed busy. Now, she was bored all day and had nothing to do. Eve did not know what to do with all of her free time.

One day, Eve was watching television and found the Home Shopping Network. She found it very appealing and thought of the show's character as her friends. The Home Shopping Network folks told Eve that buying things from them would make them better people and would not lead to death.

Not long after that, when Adam came home, Eve said, "Adam, I have the most amazing new friends on TV and they want us to buy their purses and jewelry." Adam replied, "Oh no, we should not buy their purses and jewelry because we need to save our money. We can buy other things but we cannot buy anything from Home Shopping Network."

The next day, when Adam came home, Eve had the television turned to the Home Shopping Network. On this day, they were selling men's sunglasses and sports cars. Adam loved the sunglasses and sports cars. "OK, Eve, let's buy things from our new friends at Home Shopping 
Network. You are right- they really are our friends." That day, Adam and Eve spent all their money on the Home Shopping Network. 

The next day, the bank called to tell them they had no more money and their fancy apartment would be taken away. They had to leave their loft and move into a trailer in the country. Adam blamed Eve for losing all the money and Eve blamed the people on the Home Shopping  Network. Adam also blamed God for making the woman, Eve.

Before they watched the Home Shopping Network, they did not think at all about their clothes and hair styles. After losing their home, they noticed their clothes and hair looked out of place in the trailer park and they were embarrassed. After that, they always took care of their clothes and hair.

They confessed to God that they were sorry for watching Home Shopping  Network, for being greedy, and spending all their money on things they didn't need. God forgave them and told them they would still have access to many wonderful things but they would never be able to live in an apartment in the city again and must live the rest of their lives in a trailer in the country. He placed two sheriff deputies outside the trailer park to monitor their location and make sure they never went back into the apartment in the city. God also said that Adam would have to work hard forever and that Eve would have difficult child birth. All of Adam and Eve's children and their descendants were always tempted by the Home Shopping Network after that. They had to learn to control their choices and make good decisions for God.

                                                                THE END

And Kaitlyn's former teacher said, "AMEN!"

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Lisa Berglund said...

Good job, Kaitlyn! And thank you, Coach, for posting her work. That was really good.