Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Boy.....A Second Look

Tonight's entry is a continuation from yesterday. On Thursday, we had our first writing  assignment of the new school year in my Gospels' classes. I projected this picture on the screen with these directions:
Tell me your reaction to this photograph OR discuss how you believe it will relate to our class. Here are some of the replies, all used with permission. Boys are in blue and girls are in pink.

My reaction was jaw dropping and just covered in sadness. It made me feel angry at the person who is right in front of the boy! The man obviously sees him needing help and yet he keeps walking without any intention of turning around. It's easy to be frustrated while looking at this picture but it is even easier to do what the man with the food is doing. In life, most people, including myself, find it easier to ignore others who are in need and completely turn our back on them. People, and again including myself, need to learn to slow down in life and never turn our backs on the needy. -Simone

It's kind of symbolic. If we are the man, we walk by someone in need without giving it a second thought to helping the boy. If we are the boy, we keep begging and pleading for help but no one cares and we feel so much pain. If we are both, we are begging and pleading for help, but we overlook the needs of others, thinking only of ourselves. Also, to some degree, we are the man and Jesus is the boy, begging for our hearts and our full attention and we still just walk by, thinking it will be too difficult and time consuming. -Amanda

As I look at the most likely crippled and starving boy, all I feel is guilt because there are experiences and joys that I feel in this life that I am blessed with and never take the proper time to thank God for them; things that this boy should have and enjoy. Absolutely no person should experience the hardships and torture I see this boy enduring. Despite the depressing feelings, it also makes me thankful looking at him I'm thankful that Jesus did not die just for people like me and my sins but for people like this boy, too. -Bryan

When I look at this picture, I am filled with amazement. This picture makes me think of everything I take for granted. It not only makes me think about how much food I waste but also how much God has blessed me. I think of everything I put off and how much of a chance I have to change lives. The man in my eyes represents sin/the devil and the boy represents a lost soul who will not give up getting what he wants. This makes me remember all the times I have acted like the man whether it was deliberate or not. -Chege

This picture relates to our Gospels class as an illustration of what we are trying not to do as Christians. Oftentimes, we pass up the beggars on the street with more food than we need. Often, we don't think of the struggle nor of the child. I think this relates to Jesus because He will never take food from the mouth of a child (in a sense) and by not giving, we are essentially taking away from him without even knowing it. -Taylor S.

This picture makes my heart break, the sight of this terribly skinny boy, pulling himself through the dust and dirt just to get something to eat. His face looks innocent and he only wants someone to care. It pains me to see that a man just passed without thinking about the child's life and what he has to see and go through. What would it take for someone to give back? How can any of us be so selfish? It makes me think about what I have instead of what I want. -Cydney

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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