Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Picture (Yamileth Contreras)

One of the neat things about being in a church for a long time is that you get to see the kids grow up. I watched Yamileth Contreras, tonight's author, grow up. She was part of our youth group before heading off to Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama. After her graduation in May of 2011, Yamileth moved to China to teach English but more importantly, to tell people about Jesus. She is home in Houston for the summer but will return to China in August for another ten months. Here are some great observations made by this wonderful young lady! 

I can’t remember exactly when I took this picture but it was one of the first few days I was in China.  Everything was still so new and exciting. This little old lady caught my attention. She was so focused on her newspaper that she didn’t even notice me taking her picture. She’s holding her magnifying glass, really intrigued by whatever it was she was reading about. How great would it be if it had been God’s word instead of the newspaper! In a country where Bibles aren’t easily accessible, I’d like to think that one day God’s word will be in every home. I found that many know what the Bible is and are thirsty for knowledge. Another thing I love about this picture is how intrigued she is by what she is reading; how great would it be if we were this intrigued by God’s word each time we read it. Many times we take for granted our access to God’s word and our freedom to read it. Next time you reach for your Bible take a minute to say a prayer for those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to read His word and thank Him for yours. -Yamileth

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