Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The View From Vikin

Part of our WCS Mission Team: from left: Vikin, Chelsey, KC, Giselle, Kaitlyn, Miriam

Vikin and her friend, Tony

Coloring with nine and ten year olds at the church building!
Here is the third installment of reflections written by WCS students on their Spring Break Mission Trip to Oklahoma City headed by our Campus Ministry team. Tonight, my entry is again penned by a wonderful young lady from China named Vikin. Again, it is presented in both English and Mandarin for you bilingual readers!

 Every time when I talk about the mission trip, the first word came up in my mind is “unusual." This mission trip has different meanings to each person;  everyone was motivated by different elements. Nevertheless, each of us end up with one luscious aspiration which is meeting those children again next year. Even though all of us communicated with those children by various ways and methods, we all set up solid friendships with them within three days. I also appreciated that those lovely children shed the light on me for finding the innocence part which is sealed deeply in my heart. I am glad that I have the chance to see the faces of my classmates which were more diverse than those I spend time with at school.

Everybody was moved during the last evening devotional; I appreciate how God works on us, letting us find Jesus in an unique and impressive way. Thanks to God for constructing a strong relationship between us, and letting us become a family. Also, thanks to God for giving me this precious opportunity to find out who I really am, and built a firm connection between God and other people.  


God bless,
Luke 18:1
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