Friday, February 17, 2012

The Question....

Yesterday morning, Kaitlyn, my lovely teacher's aide, and I were walking down our lower school hallway. We passed our four year old kindergarten children lined up on the wall for their turn at the bathroom and water fountain. A number of the children called out my name as we walked passed, a common occurrence in a small school. But one little boy sitting on the floor looked up perplexed and asked me, "Who are you?" Of course, I immediately began singing the theme from CSI as made famous by the English rock band who made a name for themselves by destroying their instruments at the conclusion of their concerts. But coming from that child, it was a legitimate question. I decided my best course of action would be to require my students to answer the query. They were confined to one sentence. This is what they, a mixture of eighth graders and high schoolers, said:

"I am way stronger on the inside than I look on the outside." - Kelsey

"I am a crusader for Christ." - Avery

"I am a sinner but God's grace is an ocean!" - Andrew

"I am a self-conscious young man growing up in the Christian lifestyle." - Gabe

"I am just a kid who believes he can change the world." - M.J.

"I am a Christian girl who wishes to become a singer and by it, change people's lives." - Laura

"I am a sinner but also a child of God, living life according to His plan for me." - Bryanna

"I am just a faithful servant in God's hand, letting Him lead and guide me." - Devin

"I am a fighter who never gives up no matter the circumstances because I'm small; I have to work twice as hard to earn respect and I do that by not quitting." - Derrick

"I am a blessed person whose dreams will come true." - Madison

"I am a young woman on a mission." - Lizzy

"I am an artist because that is what God gave me the talent to do." - David

"I am a daughter of Jesus Christ." - Britney

"I am a person of endurance for I won't give up despite life's trials and tribulations." - Raven

And my current favorite:
"I am the Apple of God's eye." - Apple

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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