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The Good Samaritan, 2012: Act II

As with my eighth graders, I assigned my high school students to re-write the Parable of  The Good Samaritan and make it applicable to their world. I think you'll enjoy these insights!

Once, there was a spoiled rich girl who had been hit in the face with a Frisbee on her way home from school. As she laid there, nose bleeding all over her new shirt, her girl posse approached her. She thought help had finally come. Her posse took pictures of her unflattering nose bleed, laughed at her, and posted the pictures on Facebook. A few minutes later, her boyfriend walked by. At the sight of her face not being in perfect condition, he screamed like a little girl and ran away. Next, the school gangster walked by. Even though the rich girl had treated him like scum for being in a gang, he stopped and asked her if she was okay. When he heard the word no, without hesitation, he carried her to the nurses' office, and stayed by her side. They soon became good friends. The girl realized she was wrong for judging the gangster. The boy realized the gangster life wasn't for him. They ended up going to Harvard together, and curing cancer. -Mallory

One sad day, a girl was dumped by her boyfriend of a year. He told her he never loved her and that he had cheated on her several times. She was absolutely crushed. As she sat at the table bawling her eyes out, her best friend walked by and rolled her eyes. "She's so dramatic. I'm so sick of her." she said, as she passed by. Then, the school guidance counselor noticed her crying. He looked down at his watch and saw there was only ten minutes left of lunch. "Oh no! I better go get some food before lunch ends." he said, and he scurried away. Then, the head cheerleader, and the girl's arch enemy saw her, and immediately sat down and asked what was wrong. She comforted her, gave her advice, and bought her a chocolate bar. The girl instantly felt better after talking and eating, and couldn't believe who just helped her. -Autumn

One day, a basketball player who was 6'9" was walking in the park, hit his head on an oak tree branch, and fell down. His basketball coach came by and stopped to remind him he had practice in the morning, and walked away. Next, his doctor happened by and told him how bad he looked and that he wouldn't be able to play the next few games. Then, the doctor got a phone call about a party and rushed off. Then, a little girl playing with her dog came by and tried to help him. She gave him one of her Hello Kitty band-aids and a lollipop. Then, the 6'9" basketball player got up and thanked the little girl. She had told all her friends she had saved a giant and the basketball player took her for ice cream. -Megan

One day, a girl was driving to Dallas at night. It has been a long trip and she had an hour left to reach the city. Out of nowhere, her car starts shaking and smoke begins coming out of the engine, and one of her tires blows out. She was stopped in the middle of the street with nowhere to go, so she put on her hazard lights and waited for help, but her car was rear-ended. "Get out of the middle of the road, you dumb girl!" said the other driver, as he drove on. Then a policeman stopped by. She sighed "Thank goodness!" But the policemen just gave her a ticket for holding up traffic. A short time later, a man who happened to be lost stopped for directions. Instead he asked, "Why are you sitting in the middle of the road?" She explained to him how her car broke down. He said he would help her to the car dealership so they could work things out. At the dealership, they sat and talked, "How did you end up here?" she asked. "I'm lost," said the man, "and people kept giving me the wrong directions." "Where are you headed?" "San Antonio," he answered. "Well, I can help you when this is all over, if you like!" They shook hands, and when her car was repaired, she did exactly as she said. She never forgot that day. -Brianna

One day, an old woman was shopping at the grocery store when someone bumped into her, making her drop her bag of food. The man who bumped her acted like nothing happened. As she was trying to pick everything up, a store clerk saw her struggling, but gathered the rest of the shopping carts and moved on. A teenager who was riding his skate board around the parking lot noticed the elderly woman and ran over to help her. He went in the store and bought anything for the woman that had been ruined. He then gave her forty dollars for anything else she might need to buy. The old lady never looked at teens as disrespectful, delinquents again.- Keaton

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Luke 18:1
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