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It's almost that time of year again! I know because we start with finals reviews next week! This is from Christmas Day, 2011!
Merry Christmas from Wichita, Kansas! It's a beautiful Lord's day as well as simply a beautiful day on the Great Plains! They (Scott-Karen-Karis-Nathan) are upstairs watching a movie, Cowboys And Aliens, that I just didn't get into. Karen made a wonderful traditional Christmas dinner that matched any I've ever partaken of. The worship this morning was full of praise and thought provoking. Before worship, Scott and Karen were SKYPING with Seth in Kuwait and I was able to speak to my nephew for a few minutes. It hit me that I have not seen him since the funeral of my dad (and Seth's grandpa) four years ago. To quote Isaac Watts, time is like an ever rolling stream. It's a stream that becomes a rampaging flood before we know it.

This afternoon, I've been doing some short Christmas greetings to FACEBOOK friends. As you might guess, each short message contains the same two words, Merry and Christmas. You know how when you start to type in a name, FACEBOOK tries to help you remember by showing the possible recipients based on the letters you have already typed? Well, each time I was typing Christmas and finished the first five letters, three names appeared below by script: 
Christy McDonald
Christina K (Knaub)
Christian Sanders

All three of these good folks have connections to me at Westbury Christian School. Christina and Christian were students of mine and Christy is the mother of one of a precious little girl in our lower school. What I find intriguing is that the use of the title of Jesus reminds FACEBOOK of Christy, Christina, and Christian. Maybe some day, when people see Christ or read Christ or hear Christ, S-T-E-V-E will come to mind. What a friend we have in Jesus, even on FACEBOOK. Merry Christmas to all.

Applicable quote of the day:
The dearest friend on earth is a mere shadow compared to Jesus Christ.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Merry Christmas Steve! God bless you.