Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Finish Line

Tonight, fellow WCS teacher/coach Catherine Tinkler wraps up her year in cross country training in thought provoking fashion!

I made it, my running is finished! The cross country district meet is today with the state meet to follow on October 22nd. I actually hung up my sneakers a little early so that I could concentrate on another finish, the end of the first nine weeks. It has been a blessing to talk with colleagues in the copy room, hallway, and at lunch time encouraging me these last two months.
We all have start and finishes for a variety of reasons in our lives – start/finish of a school year, start/finish of a diet, start/finish of a project or a job, etc. When we have folks cheering us on whatever we are engaged in seems attainable. Just like today at 5:00pm I’ll be along the route at Challenge Park cheering on Alexis, Austin and the entire WCS cross country team.
I have had friends who have run half marathons, Casey Farris and Rachel Matthys, for example. I have even had friends who have run full marathons, Carrie Chilcoat Gould, and one friend who has run two full marathons, Casey Burton. While training it takes incredible discipline to keep going and even the day of the race a little encouragement goes a long way. In the end they cross a finish line rejoicing.
It was different for my Savior. The disciples that were meant to watch and pray fell asleep, one betrayed and one denied. The cheers He heard from the crowd following Him were, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” When He and later Simon from Cyrene carried His cross to Calvary people continued to hurl abuse. And even while hanging on the cross He could not escape the insults from a criminal hanging beside Him. I am drawn to the wording of John 19:30 when Jesus utters “It is finished.” He crossed a finish line after an earthly life completely without sin. The prize He was seeking was US. I would like to hope that was I there on the day of His crucifixion that I would have been shouting a different cheer. Maybe something more appropriate for my Lord and Savior like, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty.” I shall have that chance – when I reach the real finish line.

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Luke 18:1
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