Friday, October 14, 2011

Coach Jesus: The Sequel

I'm trying to get my students to flesh out how they perceive Jesus as a person based on what they see in our readings or what they believe about what they have heard about the Messiah. This week, I had all of my classes answer this question:
Would Jesus have been a good basketball coach?

 Here are some more responses in a series that began last night.

I don't think that Jesus was the yelling type. I think He would tell people what they were doing wrong, and teach them how to improve. I think Jesus didn't care if you won or lost, as long as you tried your best. I also think He had great sportsmanship. I wonder if He ever used a miracle to change the results of the game?

I believe Jesus would cut people off the team if they were doing hypocritical things and were doing things wrong. I don't think Jesus would be mad if they lost as long as they put their heart into it. I believe Jesus would raise His voice at the players, but He would give them constructive criticism to develop their game. Jesus would be a coach who didn't curse at players, He would get onto them to get better.

I think Jesus wouldn't be a good coach because He wouldn't scream and get His point across and wouldn't get mad at certain thing that you and I do. He would make most games a test to have good sportsmanship and do the right thing. It would also be a test to be nice to others when others are being made fun of, or speaking bad about someone.

I think he would be a good coach because He has so much wisdom. He would know the right things to say at all times. He would also be a good coach because He prays seriously before each game, and He wouldn't be mad if they won or lost. They would all play an equal amount of minutes. He would do the necessary things He would need to. He wouldn't be all nice and careless, but an overall good coach.

If Jesus was my basketball coach, he would care about winning and losing, but He wouldn't let it consume Him or become obsessed with it. He would focus more on the lesser players than the better players because they would need more work. He would leave players if they were late because He wants them to follow Him immediately.

I believe that Jesus would have a different type of coaching style. He would incorporate the Bible and the true meaning of working together. He would be a fair coach. He would have enforced responsibility. He would have carried a whistle, and would have probably been hard on everyone out of love. He might have wanted to win, but it wasn't the most important- the team is most important.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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