Friday, November 06, 2015

Shirts By Sally

I owe a great deal to my two sisters-in-law. This entry from September 5, 2011, is about one of them.
I did something today I thought I would never do. This morning, I went to the Jos A Bank store in Meyerland Plaza and bought three shirts. My sister-in-law, Sally, has kindly chided me the past several years for buying what I wear at a certain clothing store. Her point has been that to get quality, you have to pay more but you're better off in the long run. I've noticed that the white dress shirts I have purchased at the other establishment don't last very long in the wardrobe wear-and-tear of a classroom teacher so I've begun to give credence to Sally's mentoring. Sally's husband, my brother, Dave, is a big Jos A Bank advocate and customer. They were having a terrific Labor Day sale and I had no school so it was a perfect apparel storm. Silvia, the lady waiting on me, could not have been more pleasant and helpful. She measured me and found I've been wearing a size slightly too large. We also spoke about WCS and her son who had attended one of our sister schools. We talked of the need for instructors to dress professionally in the classroom. I walked out of Jos A Bank with three 017170910149 Traveler Button Down White 15.5  34 shirts and the feeling I had made a wise investment. I have Sally and Silvia to thank.

This week in class, I told my classes that I go to a Vietnamese lady who cuts my hair for three dollars. I don't know a girl who would let someone who charges that much touch their crowning glory. I told how my Lasik eye surgery cost a little over $2,000 but that I would never go to a doctor who only charges one hundred dollars per eye; I wouldn't feel safe. Judging value and quality of goods is a theme of the Old Testament and Sally is terrific at judging value and quality. I think the wife of noble character in Proverbs 31 fits her to a T in its description of a woman who takes care of her family in all aspects of their lives. I know Sally loves me even though I'm pretty sure she does not understand me. (For some reason, she didn't comprehend why I slept on top of the comforter last Christmas so she wouldn't have to wash the sheets.) She even graciously relented and put my picture on the refrigerator. (See for an explanation.) And I know she is looking out for my best interests when she tells me where I should buy my clothes. I'm blessed to have a number of Sallys in my life, folks I trust implicitly, who are not afraid to weigh in when it comes to what is best for me. And this evening as we speak, Sally is with Dave in New York at the US Open. Rumor has it, they have amazingly great seats for tonight's matches. Good for Sally; a wife of noble character deserves nothing less.

Applicable quote of the day:
Where quality is the thing sought after, the thing of supreme quality is cheap, whatever the price one has to pay for it."
William James

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Karen Kyle Ericson said...

I'm glad you got some quality shirts. And... it's easier to wash the sheets than the comforter : ) But it's awfully fun to hear your explanation. That's a great description of the woman of God. She looks out for her family. Thanks for sharing this! It's delightful.

God bless!