Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Human Race (Catherine Tinkler)

My WCS colleagues keep offering devotional entries and being a smart guy, I accept! This is from Catherine Tinkler, a wonderful Christian lady who teaches and coaches for us but has filled many roles at Westbury Christian School!

I should start out by saying, “I am not a runner.” It has been 26 years since my running career ended with a hurdle injury back in junior high.  After a minor knee surgery, I took up golf and haven’t looked back.  But, at the beginning of this school year something changed. 

My daughter Alexis has run cross country for the previous two years for the Wildcats, something she would herself admit is outside of her normal proficiencies.  She’s an academic kid and an up and comer on the varsity golf team.  That said, I wanted Alexis to finish her senior year at WCS with a fall sport and a spring sport – cross country and golf. 

My encouragement of this pursuit became very intimate this past week when, as additional incentive for her to get out there and run, I tied on my own running shoes and decided to join her.  What was I thinking?!?  What would possess me to do something that I absolutely did not want to do?  Answer – Alexis!  As a mom I would do anything for my child, I would offer any amount of encouragement, and I would provide anything necessary to prepare her for her future. 

This makes me think of another parent and Son, a Son that joined a different kind of race – the human race.  God our Father set His Son on a course far more sacrificial than me taking up running with my child.  Jesus joined us in human form to conquer sin and death so that as God’s children we could have an eternal future.  His big win at the end of His earthly life ensures that we can claim this same victory.  All He asks of us …  is to tie on our running shoes and join him in a victory lap. 

God bless,

Luke 18:1
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