Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Good Father

Yesterday in my three Gospels classes, we discussed my belief that God chose Joseph as carefully as Mary to be the earthly father of Jesus. Some kids think that Jesus would have been  Jesus no matter what but the angel told her that she was highly favored and not some random Jewish teenage girl. As part of the assignment, the students wrote an in-class paper describing what they believe makes a good father. Here are some of their thoughts, boys in blue and girls in purple. We will do this for several consecutive days.

A good father is a man who respects his family. He has time for his children; he wants to come home and see his kids. He is a man who teaches his kids how to play basketball or ride a bike. A good father does not want anyone to hurt his child. No one will love  man who is never there or who does not care. Every woman and child should have a strong foundation in their life; kids look up to their father as a hero, not as a figure who does not make time for them. A good father is a hero to his kids.

A good father is a man who is responsible, loving, caring, and lives in the example of Jesus Christ. A good father is always thinking about his loved ones, his wife and kids. A good father would do anything to protect them and would not let anything come between he and his family. A good father sets examples for his kids and will back them up, helping them fulfill their dreams.

Many people say that good fathers are hard to find. What they don't know is that good fathers are not found; they are made. A good father needs to be a good Christian man. He should be kind and caring but firm at the same time. He needs to be protective and loving. A good father teaches his children about God and Jesus and can give them advice about anything. When his children are disobedient, he needs to be able to teach them what is right and wrong. Not only should he be caring to his kids but to his wife as well. He should show his sons how to treat women and show his daughters what they should expect from men. A good father tries to take care of and always provide for his family.

Being a good father is not just buying shoes, clothes, jewlery, and giving all the accessories to your child. It's about sepnding quality time with your children, teaching them right from wrong. As a father, you have to comfort your children and be there for them whether times are good or not so good. You also have the important task of showing your children hard work because that is so important with kids. On the other hand, you have to display the quality of hard work yourself. Never taking days off from spending time with your children will be the most important part of being a father.

A good father does not have to be the richest man alive. He does not have to be the most popular person in the area. A good father is one who loves you whether times are good or bad. He is going to take responsibility and care for his children and try his absolute best to keep smiles on his childrens' faces. He gives them affection whenever they need to be loved but also cares so much that he will correct them when they are wrong, and show and teach them how to be right.

What makes a good father? A pure hearted man makes a good father meaning he would never harm anyone. He provides for his family and loves them unconditionally. A good father teaches his son how to be a man and treats his daughters and wife like queens. Lastly, a good father is a man of God.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Jojok Soebijantjono said...

all of which expressed are good, but the most important of all is how to make it happen

Jojok Soebijantjono said...

all of which expressed are good, but the most important of all is how to make it happen

abound said...

Being raised without a Dad, I have found this to be an interesting post. My Father God has taught me a lot about a Father's embrace even though to this day I struggle to relate to a Father's love.
Richard Hobart