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Clothed In Righteousness

Advertising comes in many forms! This is about how some WCS t-shirts ended thousands of miles away! It is from August 23, 2011.

Meagan Hawley and Courtney Hawley and two precious souls.
Evey summer when I go on my mission trips, I take some Westbury Christian School gear along. We typically have unsold Spirit Wear specific for the previous year or t-shirts left over from school events. This past spring, Rachel Matthys, who works in our Devlopment Office, gave me a number of surplus t-shirts from our annual Jog-a thon (Funathon) to raise funds, this year for a new bus. If you saw my Facebook picture albums, you saw several photos of these t-shirts on my new Vietnamese friends. Folks everywhere love nice shirts and they make for great photo opportunities. Suffice it to say there are a number of Vietnamese youngsters proudly displaying our colors in the southern city of Can Tho!

I've written before about my wonderful niece, Meagan, who lived for four years at the Namwianga Mission in Zambia, taking care of orphaned and abandoned babies. Since her relocation back to the US, Meagan returns to Africa several times a year to the children she loves. This summer, she was going to spend six weeks at Namwianga along with Courtney, her sister-in-law, and the terrific wife of my nephew, Ben. Since one of our students, Hamiliton Frye, was also on a mission to Namwianga, I had his mom toss a couple of our t-shirts into his suitcase for Meagan and Courtney. Two days ago, I received the follwoing e-mail from Meagan along with the pictures at the top of this page:
Hey Uncle Steve!
Sorry I’m just now responding to your e-mail! Life has been crazy and I haven’t been keeping up well!

I received your package from my mom yesterday—thank you so much for thinking of me! The bag is precious, as are the pictures of you with the kiddos. They are BEAUTIFUL.
Also, thank you for the t-shirts you sent me and Courtney in Africa!! When we left we actually gave them to two of the aunties there that needed clothing (I was sure you wouldn’t mind!), and I’m attaching pictures of both wearing them. That was so sweet of you!
I love you! I’m so proud of all the work you are doing!

Do you remember that old Sunday School song that went something like, "Love is something if you give it away?" Rachel Matthys never dreamed when she designed and purchased those gray t-shirts for WCS that they would end up in the wardrobes of two lovely aunties in Zambia who will lovingly hold babies, many of whom are dying, in our school colors. It doesn't surprise me that Meagan and Courtney were thinking of how to help others, even with their shirts. You see, that's how they live ther lives. In Colossians 3, verse 2, Paul wrote:
"Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience."
Christianity is a chain reaction, like compassion-kindness-humility-gentleness-patience are linked. Those shirts went from Rachel to Hamilton (who happens to be Meagan's and my cousin) to Meagan/Courtney to two sisters-in-Christ who know absolutely nothing about our school except it bears the title Christian in its name.  As a tribute to these ladies I will never meet but who make our school look good by their lives and their new t-shirts, let me end with these words from Rod Stewart- 'You wear it well.'

PS I have already turned in my suggestion to Rachel for this year's t-shirts:
Fun nation under God.

God bless,
Uncle Steve
Luke 18:1
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Clara Akwarandu said...

I really want to meet Meagen one day! She sounds like such a good person! And I need a Funathon T-shirt too :)