Monday, August 15, 2011

Answering The Call (Nathan Wagner)

Tonight's entry was penned by fellow WCS teacher/coach and fellow Harding alum Nathan Wagner. Reading what he wrote makes me want to meet the subject of his devotional and I know you will feel the same!
Over four years ago, I was working at a Christian camp in Raymond, Maine, for the third year in a row, my last year. Early one morning, I snuck out of my cabin to run down to the lake before my campers woke up. On the way out the drive, the camp director told me that Heather, one of the new counselors, may need some guidance to find the lake, as she had already headed out. I caught up and we conversed as we ran. I had no idea that three years later she would be my sister-in-law.
Early this morning, my wife said farewell to her sister Heather. I said my goodbyes Sunday night and let the girls have their sister-bonding time. Heather is smart and talented. She has a knack for science, specifically biology. The science curriculum at Harding University is known for being rigorous, but Heather excelled in her work. She found a passion for germs. Or at least she found a passion for helping people get over germs. She spent countless hours working with the underprivileged of Arkansas, in clinics and schools. Heather believes with all her heart that shownig love for the downtrodden is what God calls us all to do.
Heather applied to graduate schools around the country to study epidemiology. She wants to work for the CDC to help eradicate diseases that effect the poor. She got accepted into top programs around the country like Texas A&M and Tulane. She had open doors all around her to pursue her passion and her dream. Then, one Sunday at worship service in Searcy, Arkansas, during her senior spring, Heather heard an announcement for teachers in Haiti. So she flew to Haiti to visit the school.  
The people are poor, and many of the children are orphans. The classes mix teenagers with pre-teens. The school runs on a tight, budget of Christian donations. In fact, the budget is so tight that the teachers don't get paid. Actually, the budget is so tight, the teachers pay the school a small amount each month to live there. There are never enough resources or supplies. And the country is not known for stability.
Naturally, Heather accepted the job. So she paid for her training, she bought her own mosquito-netting, she purchased her own uniforms.  Pragmatically, it doesn't make sense.  According to society, she's crazy. But the thing is, I can't picture Heather doing anything else. She heard a need, and she answered the call. She chose to set aside her dreams and goals to pursue a calling, an opportunity. She will never complain. She'll never doubt her decision. She will love and trust that God will meet her needs. I find her example inspiring and a challenge to me.  She is taking the same walk of faith that Abram took when he left his family for the Promised Land, and I trust God will bless her for it.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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