Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meagan And Miracles (Dave Hawley)

My brother Dave wrote this in the summer of 2007 as his daughter, and my niece, Meagan, was working in Zambia at a Christian orphanage. Meagan is back full time in the US but returns in the summer to Africa and her children. Please continue to pray for me as my trip is completed!

I'm finding as I get older that more things move me emotionally than when I was younger (I cry so much that my kids sometimes refer to me as 'Weepin' Dave Hawley!), and I'm not sure I like that trait. However, I rationalize it by thinking that it means that maybe meaningful things do hit my heart more often. Probably so. All of that brings me to my thoughts. Last Sunday, we attended services at Memorial Road church of Christ in Edmond on their Mission Sunday. It might have been as important a service as I have been to in a long time. It was ALL about missions, and their congregation's dedication to them...and it was stunning. The lesson was great, the communion talks were presented via satellite from Vienna, from a team of workers, but the best was at the end. They had members who had been to places in the world , or who have family supported by Memorial, come up one at a time, holding a single light. The music was beautiful, and I would have loved the emphasis, even if I didn't have a child in the overseas mission field. But when my nephew, Luke, just back from a trip to Zambia to see my daughter, went up, it was a very gripping moment for me.

Which brings me to the Meagan part. I 'm torn between knowing a what a good work she is doing, and wanting to see her all the time. I'm so proud of her, and I know her impact is great, but NOW I better understand people in my past who have missed their loved ones who are working for the Lord in the inconvenient. I'll be content to share her, I guess!

That brings me to the miracles part. Miracles happen because of missions. People are changed and saved, from what they used to be. But also...miracles happen to us, I believe, every day. Many of you who read this blog are familiar with our loss last year of our granddaughter, Harper, to a mitochondrial disease. That has been an incredibly painful experience...and yet, I believe God provided a miracle to our family in the form of Bennett, who my son and daughter-in-law adopted at birth a year ago. He has brought a joy and radiating presence to a family that needed one. God is truly great. Thanks for listening...hope some of this made sense. And, God bless you all.

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Luke 18:1
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