Tuesday, April 28, 2015

To Watch Over Me

It got cold today and the low tonight will be in the fifties. That is Nebraska weather in July but I now reside in Houston. Soon, I'll return to my apartment pool when the water gets above 80 degrees but for now, I'm keeping up my workouts in the heated pool at my fitness club. This is from June 14, 2011.
You might think this is a little bit odd but that's okay. Since the weather warmed up in Houston, which sounds redundant, I've returned to my pattern of running/swimming twice a day in my apartment pool. It's a nice pool, practically right outside my door, and the staff keeps it very clean. My pool times are slightly out of the norm, five AM and ten o'clock at night. I like to have the water to myself and these times give me a pretty good chance for that to happen. With only a couple of exceptions during the past month, I've had an audience for my workouts. This frog comes out, sits on the edge of the pool, and watches me. My students didn't believe me so I got in the water with my camera and took a picture. There he is (or maybe she, I'm not sure how to tell.) Once, he sat transfixed by my digital clock, almost as if it were an event in itself. Oftentimes, my little friend  is not there when I jump in the water but within a few minutes, he appears. This sounds strange but I've come to look for him. I am a creature of habit and so, apparently, is this frog. He does not seem to be scared of me but I try to give him a wide berth when I leave the pool for my apartment. It's not good to run your friends off.

I take comfort in routine. My life is a habitual exercise and that's what I feel at ease with. I like that most nights and morning when I'm in the water, I can see the moon in the sky. It moves to different places and it has different fullnesses but those characteristics are predictable and have been since it was placed in its orbit. Psalm 89 calls the moon, 'the faithful witness in the sky.' I like both the faithful part and the witness part. In my life, I crave order to make my existence manageable and I believe that desire was placed in me by our Creator. I know He put the moon up there to circle our small planet. And maybe He raised up that frog to remind me that we live in a world where even the insignificant creatures have a place in His design. That's what I think. Can I get a witness?

Applicable quote of the day:
"I'd kiss a frog even if there was no chance of  Prince Charming popping out. I like frogs."

Cameron Diaz

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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chartwig said...

Got a witness here! Driving home from Bible class this evening was quite the time to talk about the moon. It was big and beautiful in the southern sky. We had just been studying Joshua 10 (the sun and moon stood still)and it seemed a perfect time to discuss the glorious body in the heavens. Thank you, God, for our moon!