Friday, June 10, 2011

Prayer Request

I have known Dave and Pat Simpson since I was little.  Dave was my baseball coach in both American Legion and at York College. His wife, Pat, was in the public school system in York and was a professor at Abilene Christian University. Additionally, their son, Steve, and daughter-in-law, Kristen, both taught at WCS. Dave and Pat were very close friends of my parents as well. Several weeks ago, Dave suffered a very bad fall at home in South Dakota and faces a long and difficult recovery. This wonderful couple has dedicated their lives to teaching and serving the Lord. Many of you knnow them from York, Abilene, Harding, Lubbock, or South Dakota. Below is a note from Pat and how you can help:

Steve, it would be great to put Dave's story on your blog...or wherever you want to put it...with our email address. I'm glad Donna told you; she has been great to keep checking on him. We appreciate any prayers for Dave's continued recovery and successful rehabilitation, and I know cards and emails mean a lot to him! I'll give you a little more information. It was a fluke accident at home that resulted in his completely tearing and detaching both quadriceps tendons. Since the surgery was extensive and he now has no leg that is allowed to hold ANY weight, rehab is complicated. His legs are straight out in front of him in braces and must stay totally immobile except for passive manipulation in therapy for six weeks. He will have to spend four more weeks in the rehab center before he can go home. The doctor said Tuesday that he'll possibly be walking on a walker stiff-legged in 3 months and almost bearing his weight in 6 months...and hopefully walking 90 to 100 per cent normally in a year... cards or letters can be sent to him at our house,
2510 N. 3rd Street,
Spearfish, SD
 He will check email:     
Someone might even want to call his cell phone at 605-641-5086. He would love it! Thanks for your prayers!

This is a great opportunity to show love to a couple who has spent their lives showing love to others, including many of us!

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Terry said...

I'll be praying for him, and will send an email later today.

Steven King said...

That is horrific. I will send an email.

Steve King

litlit said...

I'll be praying for his fast recovery. I am considering to send him a card. I am from the Philippines but I honestly love to send a simple card for him.