Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Testing

I have eighteen days to turn in my final exams for the first semester. it's easy for me- they are already ready! This is from May 21, 2011.
Finals begin in less than thirty-six hours. I hope my students are studying for their Bible exam and all the others they will encounter in the coming week. Teachers have a check list to complete before we can be excused for the summer vacation which officially begins after graduation next Friday evening. Part of the list includes turning in keys for each semester test we give and I am giving them in three different classes. This afternoon, I made the key for my Gospels class which is comprised primarily of sophomores. It's a long test. It has memory verses, short answer, fill in the blank, listings, TRUE-FALSE, and two essays covering the parables of The Prodigal Son and The Workers In The Field. Front and back of six sheets of paper which makes it a twelve page test. I'll be honest; I didn't do the discussion questions because I already know my opinions. I just want to know what the kids think. WHEW- I'm glad I don't have to take it. My hands would get sore from all the writing!

You know, I felt pretty good when I completed the final: I don't have to grade it to know I made a perfect score. But then again, I should make a flawless grade because I'm the author of the exam. Based on my knowledge of the Scriptures and what the kids can handle, I have assembled something I am confident they can pass. Some will fly though it with almost no mistakes and some will barely make it and a few will fail. I want them to pass, all of them. The Bible teaches that the Lord tests us as we go through our lives. As far back as Abraham, our Father was preparing us for the road ahead with obstacles and roadblocks to train us for what lies in store. He made the test, He knows the way, and He wants us to pass. My goal in the classroom should be to give these teenagers every chance to learn as much as they can about Jesus and even if they fail this twelve page test on paper, they can still be prepared for the exam that matters, the one that will come with the final, and I mean FINAL, bell. And apparently, contrary to predictions, it wasn't today.

Applicable quote of the day:
"Adversity tests us from time to time and it is inevitable that this testing continues during life. "
Walter Annenberg

God bless,
Luke 8:1
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olaoluwatomi said...

Going through your blog, awesome stories and more awesome lessons!

Clara Akwarandu said...

I'm sorry Coach Hawley, but I'm not as excited to be in your class next are torturing the kids!

Miawa said...

@Clara, (:
I'm sure you have prepared them as much as you could and they would let you. And yes, praying that they are prepared for that "final" bell. Amen

sherri said...

no test is complete without listings! ;)