Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Introduction

This is about one of my best WCS memories. It's from May 3, 2011.
Last week at our school's Spring Drama production, I introduced Devone to Ryan's mom. They had never met but that does not mean a connection was non-existent. Devone is a sophomore, a member of my seventh period Gospels class, and a basketball player with a world of promise. Ryan's mom is, well, the mother of Ryan. Several months ago, Ryan, one of our first graders, was very unexpectedly diagnosed with a tumor in his head. Quick attention to the growth led to successful surgery and it was not long until Ryan returned to school, free and clear of health issues. During that tense period, our WCS family poured out love and assistance on Ryan's family, new to our school this year. That's a blessing of a small school and particularly a Christian one.

That's where Devone comes in. From the first day I told my classes about Ryan and we prayed for him, Devone was touched with his plight. Everyday since, Devone has put Ryan on his prayer requests that our kids have the opportunity to jot down with their assignment. Every quiz, every memory verse, every test, Devone has asked me to specifically pray for Ryan. Not one day off and not one exception. Here is the amazing thing; if I took Devone down to Ryan's classroom or had Devone walk into lower school chapel, I don't think he could pick Ryan out of the crowd- there's not alot of interaction between first and tenth graders at Westbury Christian. And yet, something about Ryan's fight to regain normalcy touched Devone and he has not let it go. Alot of our kids have prayer requests and some, like Devone, make it a practice every day. But no one else has remembered Ryan since we learned he was out of the woods. That's what  I told Ryan's mom when I introduced them at the play last week. She hugged her son's prayer warrior and if she didn't cry, she was close. Not having kids, I don't understand the dynamics of parenthood. I once heard a close friend say it's very easy to be partial to folks who are good to your kids. After all these years, I'm convinced that statement is true. Ryan's mom and Devone are proof enough for me.

Applicable quote of the day:
"There is nothing that makes us love a man so much as praying for him."
William Law

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Jacob said...

Good post.

Clara Akwarandu said...

Awh! Devone Glenn? Wow, how sweet!

stephy said...

coach Hawley! I loved reading about this blog, since i sometimes have Ryan in my Extended Care class. Let me just say one thing about Ryan, I never had him last year but getting to know him this year is a true blessing. everytime i see him he makes me smile. Devone would have a blast if he really got to know Ryan! He is such a great kid, both of these boys are.