Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Organizer

I'm trying to straighten up stuff in my apartment that I just shove in a cabinet or desk or closet. This is about a young lady who was a Godsend to me! It is from April 30, 2011.
Kaitlyn is a sophomore in my sixth period Gospels class. This is her second tour of duty with me, having had me as her eighth grade Bible instructor as well. We are in preliminary discussions about her being one of my teacher aides for next year, assuming her schedule is agreeable. Over the past several years, Kaitlyn has been invaluable to me both at the beginning and end of the school year, helping me get organized and putting stuff up for the summer. Kaitlyn's mom, Denise, is one of our lower school teachers and has always been gracious about having her daughter volunteer to assist me. I think Kaitlyn would have shown up anyway; she's just that type of helpful young lady.

Sometimes in life, people do little things that others don't see but that make another's life easier. I mentioned Kaitlyn is in my sixth period section. By the time her class is finished, I may have already taken up the quizzes/memory verses/discussion questions from fifty-five students and many days, it's two apiece for each youngster in my classes. Kaitlyn, who is extremely precise, started organizing them on her own for me each day. What she does simply is taking them from their folded state (hot dog style) as they are passed in to her front-and-center desk and opening them, laying one inside the other. This does not sound like a big deal...... but it is. By this small thoughtful gesture, Kaitlyn saves me five to six minutes per night when I put the grades into my laptop at home by reducing the process by one step. When you multiply that over a week, it's a half hour, isn't it? Could you, like me, use an extra thirty minutes from Sunday through Saturday? Among other options, Kaitlyn allows me to write a better blog, read more that I would, clean my apartment a little better, and iron my clothes with a sharper crease. OK, that last one was an exaggeration but you get the point. Kaitlyn makes my life better and easier to manage. Isn't that a tenet of our Christian belief, to bear each other's burdens? Kaitlyn does it quietly, one 8 1/2'' by 11" sheet of paper at a time. Jesus gave praise for little gestures; should we not follow in that path of His steps? Like unfolding a piece of paper, it's a simple thing that makes a difference. We all need a difference makers in our lives.

Applicable quote of the day:
"Find a need and fill it."

 Ruth Stafford Peale

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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