Monday, April 25, 2011

25 Hours Of Silence (Betsy Kelly)

(I have given up my space this evening for an entry from my lovely student teacher aide, Betsy Kelly.)

It's not a normal Monday in any high school when you walk down the halls and half of the senior girls aren't saying a word. But today at Westbury Christian School, that is exactly what happened. Last Monday during our split Bible periods, the girls' classes watched three videos from the organization Invisible Children. These movies are frightening in more ways than one. They show stories about children in Uganda who have been affected by the 25 year long civil war. The LRA (the rebels fighting in Uganda) go into towns and take children from their families in the middle of the night, murdering some and forcing others to fight, turning them into mindless killing machines. Invisible Children documents and raises awareness of this struggle for kids my age and young adults, hoping that by reaching this younger demographic, they can show that our generation wants to be involved in global awareness. So now we are back at the beginning, today April 25, 2011. Invisible Children is running a campaign to raise awareness for the 25 years of struggle in Uganda. We are staying silent for the entire day (25 hours to be exact) and at 8:00 pm, Invisible Children is hosting events all over the country to break the silence. We are only a drop in the bucket but maybe people at our school will tell others about what we did and the word will spread. Maybe we can change the world. If we can speak out without speaking, why don't you?
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              The 25 Campaign

If you want to donate to Invisible Children or just learn more about the cause that is changing our generation go to 

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