Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Good Samaritan 2011

Last week, we studied The Good Samaritan in two of my classes. As I often do, I had the kids rewrite the story as if it were happening in 2011. Here are four examples:

"There was a baker who lost his world's greatest cinnamon roll recipe because he was hit on the head by a homeless man. His fellow worker passed by and rolled his eyes because the man didn't give him a raise. Next, a chubby boy walked by and was sad because he would have to find another bakery. Last, the man's baking rival saw him, took him to the hospital, and helped him retrieve the recipe. In return, the baker baked him a perfect batch of cinnamon rolls." Giselle (sophomore)

"One day, an elderly woman was getting off the bus and she slipped and fell but no one heard or saw her. A Boy Scout was on his way home and saw the woman struggling so he headed toward her until he realized that it was past his curfew and hurried home. A few minutes later, a medical student walked by and decided that he was too tired from school and continued on his way home. Later that night, a man coming from rehab saw the woman, got out his phone, and called for help. He stayed and read to her until her family came." Christian (senior)

"In New York City one day, a fashion intern got hit by a taxi when she was getting coffee for her boss. A fellow intern saw her lying on the ground and thought 'Ha!! I'm glad there's going to be less competition,' and walked by. One of the top executives passed by a few minutes later, saw her and thought 'How pathetic is she for walking in the wrong pair of shoes,' and walked away. Then the president of the whole fashion firm saw the deserted intern, ran to her aid, and bought her all the Jimmy Choo shoes she desired." Oyinda (sophomore)

"An athlete was walking down the hallway and another student bumped into him and made him drop all of his papers. As he bent down to pick them up, his coach walked by and said, 'You hold onto papers like you hold onto the ball!' and walked away. As he continued to pick up his papers, the dean of the school walked by and rushed past because he was late for a meeting. Then, the band teacher came up and offered him help picking up his papers so he could be on his way to class. As time went on, he joined band and became an active member." Hasani (senior)

I cannot let this opportunity pass without sharing two of my all-time favorite examples, both penned by players of mine. Both were written several years ago.

"One day, there was this really nerdy guy who was riding his bike home from school. Out of nowhere, he got hit by a car! The driver just kept driving, not thinking twice about it. The first to walk by was the valedictorian. He looked at the boy and calculated how fast the bike was moving and how fast the car was going for him to get hit and be thrown that far. When he figured out the problem, he left and went home to start on his homework. Next, a football player ran by. He said the boy would make a good tackling dummy, laughed for awhile, and left. Then, a gorgeous cheerleader walked by. She grabbed her cell phone, and called for help. She went with the boy to the doctor. The boy ended up being the school mascot, all because of the cheerleader!" Chelsey
"A girl was shopping in the mall, wearing her six inch stiletto heels, when she fell and twisted her ankle. A group of girls saw her screaming in pain and took her bags. A clerk from Hollister saw her lying on the ground and thought, 'Hey! I don't have to help- she had an attitude with me!' The clerk walked around her. Next, her boyfriend and a group of his friends saw her on the floor. She thought that help had come! Her boyfriend's friends asked him, 'Dude, isn't that your girl?' The boyfriend thought, 'Man, this could really mess up my rep!' He says, 'No- just a wannabe!' Then, one of the boys from the Chess Club saw her and immediately bandaged her and took her to the nearest hospital..and she was all better.
PS: A week later, they started dating!" Tosin

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Luke 18:1
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