Monday, March 28, 2011

Retirement Strategies

I don't watch a tremendous amount of television but I do see enough to get an idea of the ads that are running. The Geico commercials aren't as funny as they used to be but I like the Southwest Airlines red tape ads. One type of commercial that's very prevalent are those for retirement accounts. How are you going to make it when you aren't working anymore? Will you later years be marked by worry and little cash or will you enjoy a life filled with travel and ease? Each company promises the best return if you trust your assets with them. The theme of all these spots is we need to be getting ready for the future with sound handling of our present income. That sounds pretty good to me. There was a guy in the Bible who the world would call wise. He was good at what he did and his business just exploded to the point he could barely contain the growth of his empire. He was an agricultural business titan. In fact, his land produced such an overwhelming crop that he decided to level his grain silos and erect new ones and then relax. According to the thinking of the gurus on television, he was a prudent capitalist. But you know the story from Luke 12. Jesus tells this parable after warning against greed. The only character in this morality tale is called a fool by God and told he's going to meet his Maker that very evening with the implication it won't be a joyous reunion. I bet in my hometown that farmer would get an award from the Chamber of Commerce but the Lord says we all will meet a similar fate if we are not 'rich towards God.' Most of us need to save more than we do for retirement but something in this guy's logic put his hoarding of farm commodities in a poor society at odds with the One who gave him the ability to create the wealth. I spent some time as a farm employee as a kid so I know he had to be a hard worker to be successful. But leaving the Creator of the land out of his plans was a recipe for disaster and an early funeral. I wish those investment companies would include tips for retiring on this side of eternity....and the other. It would make for a happier ending. Applicable quote of the day: "We are all born brave, trusting, and greedy, and most of us remain greedy." Mignon McLaughlin God bless, Steve Luke 18:1 E-mail me at


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