Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Frustration And Blessings

I am extremely frustrated right now. In almost five and a half years of blogging, there have never been issues about formatting/spacing for me but now, everything runs together. I went to a help forum on the blogger site and it seems they are trying to resolve the error but the fix does not seem to work for me, a techno illiterate to begin with. Of course, this is a minor glitch in an otherwise terrific day. For example, our athletic department secretary, Robbie Miller, sent supper home with me and it was good! I held a two month old baby, Gabe Harper, at a softball game this afternoon and recalled that I had been holding out hope his folks would capitulate to their daughter’s wish and call him Coach Hawley Harper. One of our wonderful kindergarten students gave me her bank bottle chock full of change for orphans in Honduras five weeks before they are due. And the best news: Ashley, one of my former students and Kristina, one of our intermediate students, escaped serious injuries last night in a car accident that easily could have proved fatal. The blogger problems will be taken care of. Today, the Lord took care of me and many who I love. Big picture trumps small one every time!


Clara Akwarandu said...

That's a lot of time of blogging, sir!

Natasha said...

Please don't let this worry you. We will still read your blog, even if blogger keeps mucking around with the formatting. I have had huge issues lately with google chrome and have just uninstalled it and gone back to Mozilla. Looks like Google are having big problems!

Take care and be happy!

Blessings and best wishes,

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

Amen! It sounds like you had a pretty good day, babies are so fun to hold. They make me feel so humble. God bless!

Anonymous said...

here to visit your blog..i like so much..
Woul be nice if you visit and foloww me..

God bless you always


Thess said...

it's still readable and gets the message across even if the whole post is only in one paragraph.

You might try changing the theme also, that might help.