Monday, February 16, 2015

In Name Only

I am constantly amazed that kids at school don't know my name or they think my name is simply Coach. This post from January 24, 2011, may explain why.
Taylor-post gave me a new tie last week. Actually, that's inaccurate on two counts. First, it was actually two ties but I already had one of them, a tan model with John 3:16 inscribed in brown lettering. The second inaccuracy is that her name is not actually Taylor-post; it's Taylor Scott. But, in the strange and sometimes befuddling world of middle school girls, I have two Taylors on my basketball team who also are in the same section of my Bible class. I know they get tired of being referred to by their entire name to differentiate so I call them by the basketball position. Taylor Scott plays on the inside, hence Taylor-post. Taylor Edens is a guard so we deemed her Taylor-perimeter. Just wanted to clear that up! Anyway, the other tie from Taylor-post is a colorful one with all the books of the Bible emblazened on it. I love theme ties, especially the ones that I can work into class discussions and bonus questions. I wore my new tie on Thursday and received many compliments on my matched-ness, a rarity in my wardrobe selection.

This brings us to Margaret. If you have read my entries over the past year, you might remember Margaret as the WCS second grader who rates me every day in terms of what I'm wearing. (If you want to read the full story on the lovely Margaret, go in the archives to April 14, 2010 and the entry entitled, Approval Rating.) I ran across Margaret in the hall and after studying intently for a moment, she gave me a thumbs up. Margaret also told me she really liked my tie. I asked if she knew what the pattern was and she correctly answered that it was the books of the Bible. I then asked Margaret if she knows what my favorite Bible book is. She didn't and I told her it is the Gospel of Luke. I asked her why she thought Luke was my favorite and this was her answer:"Because it's your name!"I admit, I had to stifle a laugh. I quickly told Margaret the startling news that my parents named me Steve, not Luke. But as I thought about it, her response made more sense. Now, I know Margaret about as well as a high school teacher knows an eight year old. But we run in the same school circles in that her mom teaches with me and her sister is an eighth grader, along with the aforementioned Taylors. Margaret, though, like all these children, calls me Coach Hawley. Why would they know what my birth certificate says? Maybe it's logical that Margaret thought my name is Luke; after all, it's my favorite Bible book and she knows I am a Bible teacher. Maybe I look like a Luke to her. Yesterday, a guy I've known since I was a kid in Nebraska called me Mike so Margaret is not alone. I just know that Jesus tells us if we belong to Him, our names are written in the Book of Life. I'm just starting to wonder if I'm registered under Steve or Luke. Jesus told us that certain things have been revealed to little children- I guess I'll just have to ask Margaret.

Applicable quote of the day:
"One-way first-name calling always means inequality - witness servants, children, and dogs.”
Marjorie Karmel

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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April Yang said...

Coach Hawley~ This is April... your blog is really good and you write good also. I like the story you have on here..... Anyway good night see you tomorrow!

Aksharaa said...

The other day someone told me ' I like children because of the way they look at this world'. It made me think.
Your story will make me ponder over it for the rest of the day, I have a feeling :)

Thanks for coming by and following our blog, Coach hawley/Luke.

Hope u have a nice week ahead.

Clint said...

Great post, Frank!