Friday, January 07, 2011

Blessed Are The ..........

Here is the second installment of Beatitudes written by my students. These are all penned by kids in my three high school classes. I think they capture the spirit of the times we live in while incorporating the teachings of Jesus from Matthew 5. The girls' thoughts are in purple and the boys' are in blue.

"Blessed are those who fail Dr. Lacey's reading quizzes because he gives plenty of daily grades to boost their average." Richard

"Blessed is he who is without a girlfriend in high school because God doesn't want more drama in your life." Aaron

"Blessed are those still trying to mold themselves for God is the ultimate potter." Giselle

"Blessed are the dreamers for their dreams will become reality." Tyler

"Blessed are those who continue to work hard but see no results for their time will come to shine." Tobe

"Blessed are those who feel rejected for everyone will want to be around them in heaven." Kellie

"Blessed are those who are overlooked for the Lord will see their talent." Marcus

"Blessed are the geeks for they will be cool in heaven." Elson

"Blessed are the quiet, for God will speak through their hearts." Jenny

"Blessed are the confused for God has all the answers." Joey

"Blessed are the young men without any role models because they will overcome many obstacles." Anthony C.

"Blessed are those who live with a single parent for they will have an abundance of love in heaven." Oyinda

"Blessed are the strong minded for God has prepared them for the road ahead." Hasani

"Blessed are those in pain, for God is the ultimate aspirin." Jeffrey

"Blessed are those who do the right thing and are ridiculed, for God will bless them forever." Audrey

"Blessed are you who are away from your families for God keeps you with Him in spirit." Keegan

"Blessed are the silent, for they are the most outgoing to God." Nicholas

"Blessed are the soldiers for the only war they will fight is the one to get to heaven." Lizeth

"Blessed are the short, for they will be face to face with The Most High." Christian

"Blessed are the unorganized for everything is neat in heaven." Ernest

"Blessed are you when you're under too much pressure for God will listen to what you tell him." Vikin

"Blessed are those who stumble and fall for God will pick them up." Jonathan

"Blessed are those who cannot fend for themselves, because God is their shield." Daniel

God bless,

Luke 18:1
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Clint said...

Blessed is the blogger whose focus is on the Lord, for he shall lead many to Christ.

Anonymous said...

I thank you and your students for this wonderful post! This was really great to read!

God Bless you all!!!


Cindy Ellison said...

How uplifting to read these thoughts of your young students! It appears they are going in the right direction of building their lives on a solid foundation ... Christ.

Thanks for following my blog.

Amrita said...

I love the beattitudes written by your students