Sunday, December 29, 2013

You Could Look It Up

I get tickled at some of my relatives and my perception of their dependence on hand-help electronic devices. Of course, I am being hypocritical as I find myself addicted to the use of my laptop! This is from December 29, 2010.

I borrowed the above clip from a blog called It's a whimsical look at the birth of the Lord Jesus from the viewpoint of the Internet Google search. It's pretty funny and thought provoking. It's also pretty indicative of the way many of us, including myself, gather-process-implement information into our daily lives. Last night, Courtney, Ben's adorable bride, spilled red candle wax on one of her favorite pairs of jeans. Immediately, I volunteered my services and searched for solutions on There were hundreds, if not thousands, of suggestions to restore the denim to pre-wax condition. (Whatever method they used, the wax came out to Courtney's satisfaction and all is apparently well again.) The Internet is the beginning and end, the Alpha and Omega, of data retrieval for me. When I used to preach, I would scour my grandfather's Bible commentaries which were passed down to me by my dad. Now, I simply type Jesus and Zacchaeus into the Google bar and have at my disposal more sermons/lessons/illustrations than I can possibly employ in any sermon. The dilemma is sorting out what is usable, and to my interpretation, scriptural. My laptop gives me access to more knowledge, or what passes as knowledge, than is feasible to use in a lifetime. Just think of what Jesus could have accomplished if he would have had the chance to surf the web; He could have changed the world.

Applicable quote of the day:
"Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant."
Mitch Kapor

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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MBRECK said...

Great stuff ! Thanks

MBRECK said...

I am from Houston, my folks are all down there. My brother owns Dan's Vitamin House in Bellaire. God Bless ya'll