Friday, August 20, 2010

Thoughts On Beauty And Society

In last night's post, I featured a YouTube video by the Dove Soap people, looking at the distortion of beauty by society. I showed it to my classes and asked the students what the message of the one minute film was and if they believe it was effective. Over the next few days, I will post some of their responses.

''I think the Dove company was trying to make the point that why look like that if you can't even recognize yourself? It's not really you when you attempt to change your life and how you are. Why cover yourself up for fame and glory? When you do and you become that person on a billboard, it's not you any way. I believe it was effective because everyone can remember why you shouldbe yourself because everyone is beautiful on their own." Jacob grade 8

" The Dove commercial was trying to convey that ads and magazines distort the image of beautiful women. Their message also tried to raise self-esteem for girls and women by letting the audience know even models aren't perfect. The Dove ad effectively illustrated our skewed view of beauty. It worked effectively because it shocked me to know that the girl in my ad wasn't as pretty as they changed her to be." Elissa grade 10

"Dove was trying to say we have a warped view of beauty. They brought an ordinary woman and tried to make her look "beautiful.''After they finished her makeover they took her picture and further enhanced it to make her look even better. They made over ten changes to her picture in order to make her "beautiful.'' I believe it was very effective because I will wonder if the woman on that billboard is really the woman on the billboard." Cody grade 10

"They were trying to make a point that models are beautiful but the models don't even look like themselves. Women and teenage girls always want to change themselves to look like the supermodels but the problem is no one really looks like that in real life. Dove was trying to make a point that any girl can put makeup on and be photo shopped and be pretty. Dove was effective with this because they made their point and people will remember this commercial because it had an impact." Caitlin grade 11

"Dove made a one minute video. They show, not an ugly girl, but not the most beautiful girl either, and she's sitting down, ready for something. This video transformed this girl from average to beyond beautiful. I'd say that that girl was almost made fun of. They piled on makeup and fixed her hair so that if you saw her in person, she might look worse than when she started. Then they took a picture of her and photo-shopped it so much that it looked like a totally different girl. An effective video? Most definitely. A girl wants to be the way she is, not someone else." John grade 11

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Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

I think I have seen the video, or one similar anyway, and it is certainly quite educative. Promoting self-esteem and helping our youth to understand the real concept of beauty, including inner beauty, is our call as educators, christians, parents, professionals, etc.