Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A Wonderful Life (Joe Widick)

Here is the third installment by Joe Widick while I am in China.

I think we all like those feel good movies. When the end comes you know that all is going to be well. One of those movies is what is now considered a classic; “It’s a Wonderful Life.” At first this 1946 movie was not a hit. As time passed, people by the thousands have watched it each year. My interest in the movie increased when our youngest son Lane, played the role of George Bailey in a play at Friendship. It is the classic feel good movie. There is a reason for the continuing appeal of the movie. The story is really about friendship. And because of that, you can better understand why people get so attached to George Bailey and his family. As you watch the movie you see George surrounded by friends and family, who rally around him in his time of greatest need. Just when George thinks he’s alone in the world, the world shows up to declare its love for him.
How many times in your journey through life have you felt alone? Maybe it was at work and you were trying to stand up for what was right, and everyone around you seemed to less about your values. Maybe it was at a point in your life where you were making a decision about what direction to go in your life, and there didn’t seem to be anyone there to give you the guidance you needed. Maybe it was a stretch in your life where financially it was difficult and no one raised a finger to help. That thought from the movie, just when he thought he was alone in the world, the world shows up to declare its love for him, seems to describe what has happened with the coming of our savior. Just when we thought we were alone in the world Christ came to declare God’s love for us. Not only did God send His Son into the world at exactly the right time (Galatians 4:4-5) he also demonstrated “His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” Romans 5:8. That is the message that the world needs to here. That is the message that opens the door to a wonderful life—the joy of knowing Christ and living in His abounding love.

The question that needs to be asked are you ready to receive that gift of eternal life that he offers to you? Realize that it is a gift, not a wage (Romans 6:23). Understand that Jesus is the only source (John 14:6).
It is a wonderful life, because we do have a friend in Jesus.

Prayer Thought: Continue to pray that the Lord will bless us with opportunities to serve Him and bring more glory to Him.

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