Thursday, July 01, 2010

Robert Farrar

Dr Robert Farrar is our WCS chaplain and one of the wisest Christan's I know! Here are a few of his thoughts.

In Colossians 3:12-13 the apostle Paul listed traits that we all should develop. And then in verse 14 he states that “love binds them all together in perfect peace.” Thus, love is extremely important. An unknown author tells of his experience that went something like this: “Once I planted a vine beside a trellis. How carefully I tended the little sprout, watering it and teaching the tendrils to twine about the slats. Warmed by the strong sun, and nourished by refreshing rain, the vine grew, and little by little climbed halfway up the trellis. Then the leaves began to unfold, and in a little while it became a thing of beauty. But then one dark night there came a storm. The wind blew furiously, and the rain fell in torrents. The next morning when I looked at the little vine, it was lying on the ground, half submerged in muddy water. Then what did I do? I stooped down and tenderly lifted the fallen vine out of the mire and fastened its tendril about the trellis. In some places I fastened its tendril to the slats with pieces of soft string and it began to hold up its head once more. And with the warm sun and pleasant rain it gave renewed promise of a strong plant. And I was happy.”

Do we think to be as considerate of our fellow human beings who suffer, weep and waver, and fall – as this person was of a little vine, that knew neither pain nor pleasure? What caused the vine grower to act in this way, was it not love? love for the plant? And if this person could be so considerate of a little vine that had no feelings? how much more should we be considerate of our fellow human beings who know pain, sorrow, disappointment, joy and satisfaction?. As Paul said, love binds everything together in perfect unity.

Suggested prayer: Our Father thank You for so loving us that You gave us the capacity to give and receive love. How sad this world would be if it were not for love.
In the name of Jesus, your beloved son, we thank You, amen.

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Tonjia said...

That was just beautiful.

I am a vine tier-upper myself. :)

Everyone believes in love, though one persons definition of love, is not anothers.

I wonder if we could define it? quantify it? describe it? So it could be easily recognized, and not mistaken for something else.