Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Divine Intervention? (part 2)

This is a continuation from last night's post. It is the attempt of my students to describe how God works in their daily lives. Thanks for your comments last night!

"I have never felt any of God's interventions on my life. He is more like a compass that guides the way, not a mother who "spoon feeds" her child. I influence things that happen in my life through my actions. I can't ask God to stop the rain whenever I want. I'm not saying that God isn't secretly influencing my being, but I feel I've made my own choices in my right mind."
Paul Francisco, grade 10

"I think God, along with us, controls our lives and destiny. God created us so He kind of directs us in the path he has prepared for us. I believe God intervenes maybe 50% and we command the rest ourselves."
Vanessa Tsamo, grade 12

"God intervenes when necessary. God allows you to have many options and our path continues on from there. God steps in when we really need Him to. He allows certain things to happen to better our lives and also teach us a lesson."
Miriam Weathersby, grade 10

"I think He does because little things turn into big things. I think that God gives us free will, but He uses His power to lead us toward the correct thing. His will is ultimate so he gives us clues and blessed us with a conscience."
Joshua Reece, grade 8

"God answers every prayer, but not always in the way we want. He responds in detail, but it does not always matter whether or not it's a bigger thing. God is everywhere, so he can listen into the "little" things. Obviously the little things are big enough to us because we mention them to God."
Alexis Fuller, grade 10

"I think God doesn't micromanage small details unless they have a large effect in our life. Some of it might be that God changes our opinion in a way we didn't notice. I think God chooses if He wishes to intervene and while it may not be important to others, it could be important to us."
Allison Crouch, grade 10

"I do not believe that the Lord intervenes in small parts in our lives. He helps us when we need it in our lives, but we expect way too much out of Him. We expect our prayers to always be answered exactly how we want them and we cannot expect that. Lastly, though, when we need something that is little, the Lord will always be there to help us."
James McKenzie, grade 8

"About 99.9% of everything happens for a reason. If it didn't, nothing would be the same. God does things for us because we are His children and He is our Father. Everything we do is because of God. He planned our lives and we have to follow. God does things for a reason, even if it is just bumping into someone who could turn out to be your husband or wife, best friend or enemy."
Hayley Dryden, grade 8

"I do think the Lord intervenes with small details. The small details make up our lives. If God was not helping your situation, big or small, you would not have a period of testing to strengthen you for the big tests. It is the little things that make you who you are."
Jason Gatling, grade 8

"I don't think God intervenes in the everyday decisions we make for ourselves in life. I believe every once in a while, He may send us a sign or subconscious reminder of the right thing to do but He does not make the decision for us. I believe God only desires for us to do the right thing but lets us make that decision on our own. People would do no wrong if He did make every choice for us.''
Jessica Webster, grade 12

"I think God works very, very hard in our everyday lives. God has our days planned and He makes everything happen for a reason. We sometimes cannot grasp or understand why so we just have to have faith. I think it's so amazing the way God plans everything but we are hard headed. We go through life and try to fix things and change things. But, because God already knows that, He has a plan for the next thing to come."
Stephanie Strickler, grade 12

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Again some wonderful insights if your students thinkings of God and how he works. Thanks for sharing.


Debbie said...

Every one of those was interesting and thought provoking.

Anonymous said...

It was a joy to read the students responses. They are insightful and inspiring as they show their faith and hope in God.


Trudy said...

More great responses from some very wise and learned kids!

My favorite was from Joshua, Grade 8..who seems to already have a wonderful grasp on the Holy Spirit!

VKT said...

I really enjoyed reading what your students had to say. Thanks for sharing.

VKT said...

I really enjoyed reading what your students had to say. Thanks for sharing.

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