Monday, August 24, 2009

Sons And Fathers

As I mentioned yesterday, we spent some time in class last week talking about what makes a good father. Yesterday, I printed a number of thoughts from my female students. These, all used with permission, are the ideas of their male counterparts.

"A good father is a role model to his son or daughter. He is around them even if he and his wife are divorced. When he's around his children, he shouldn't be neglecting them or saying someone else is important. A good dad takes his son to do whatever his son wants to do. He shouldn't want to fulfill his dreams through his son, but help fulfill his kid's dreams. A good father doesn't put unnecessary pressure on his children. A good father isn't just a good father to his kids but also a good dad."
Joshua, grade 8

"I believe a good father is one who loves his son. I see too many kids who say, 'I wish my dad was nicer to me.' My dad is very tough on me and my brother, especially in school. He gets frustrated if I talk about not liking a class, because he knows that class is critical to my future. I know he loves me, even at at times he is mad at me. Another trait I will look for is his support towards his childrens' dreams and goals. My dad, even though my dream is one of the strangest, helps me with anything to do with the circus. He is always suggesting new ideas. He loves me, and I know that he loves me. I know he would do anything to protect me, or to help me. A perfect father is one with these attributes."
Kyle, grade 8

"A good father and one I want to be exactly like is one like my dad. My dad is not just my father, he is my best friend. He does do things that we fight about, but even if I won't admit it I know he is right. He lets me live my life and most importantly, he lets me make my own mistakes. This has helped me in so many ways. He told me one day in the car, "Look, bud, I'm not going to hold your hand through life; you're going to mess up and when you do, you best bet I'm right there looking over your shoulder." It has helped me become the person I am today, and I don't think he could have raised me any better. I won't be exactly like him. I know my dad will always be right by my side being my best friend; there is no doubt in my mind about that."
Mike, grade 11

"A good father is somebody that his children can look up to and talk to. A good father doesn't live through his kids, but lets his kids live their own lives. A good father guides his children through life, while letting them make their own mistakes, and achieve their own goals."
Chase, grade 10

"I know my father is a good father. Like you, everyone thinks their father is a good father. For me, my father is the best. He is a good leader of my family, not only to me, my brother, and my mother but I mean all his family and my mom's family, too. He never got in trouble, never drink, never got drunk, and never smoked. Wow, what a good guy. He always took care of me when I was little. He got mad if I did something that was not right and he spent an hour or more talking to me, to make me understand why I was wrong. He always told me what to do and gave me very good reasons. If he think I am doing wrong, he will give the reason for that, too. He always has a good reason so it's hard for me to change his mind on what he has think about. When I want to buy something, he will ask the reason for buying it and if I have good reason, he will buy it, no matter how much it costs. When I plan to come to U.S. to study alone, he said if you think you can do it then go. He told me, "Now, you are on your own." He calls to ask how I am doing, how things are going and he said to me, "Remember, never give up." He is a very good father."
Isarath, grade 10 (Isarath is from Thailand)

"I think a good father must have different traits. I believe a good father should be able to raise his son well enough so that he can become a man and a good father himself. Fathers should always know how to discipline their son/daughters appropriately. I think its okay to be strict with your kids but not so strict that they end up hating you. When I think of a good father, I think of my own. Growing up, my father always taught me to be tough, yet still disciplined. He wants me to grow up to be a strong man so that I will be able to survive on my own. He always taught me to be tough but know the difference in being tough and being stupid. Growing up in a Filipino family, respect and discipline were always a big thing. He always made sure I had everything that he didn't have growing up back home with nine siblings. Many smaller characteristics are involved in becoming a good father. Some of them are teaching your kids to always behave, to respect their elders, and always to be humble. Good fathers may be strict with their kids, but will always let them know at the end of the day that everything they do for them is because they love them."
Ryan, grade 10

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