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Hey, Jude

This school year, which for WCS teachers begins Monday, will find me teaching one section of senior Bible. The course covers the New Testament books of Hebrews through Revelation in the first semester and the parables of Jesus after Christmas. One of our new instructors will be teaching the other three sections for the twelfth graders. To make it easy on both of us, I am in the middle of making out reading quizzes for each chapter of the ten books that we will study from August through December. In case you are counting, that is fifty-five quizzes. I am not a great typist but I have been plugging away this week. Each quiz takes me between fifteen and twenty minutes to construct and I am 44/55 finished. We think it is vitally important for our students to read the Scriptures and not merely discuss them. Below is the quiz they will take in mid-November over the one chapter book of Jude. Why don't you take it and I will post the high score that readers e-mail me. You can read it first BUT IT'S NOT OPEN BOOK! The answers follow. Good luck!

Senior Bible
Name _______________

1. Jude calls himself a servant of: ______
a. the people of Israel
b. Jesus Christ
c. the church
d. all the above

2. Jude says he is the brother of: _____
a. Jesus b. John c. James d. Jeremiah3. Jude was hesitant to write to them. TRUE-FALSE
4. Godless men had slipped in among them. TRUE-FALSE
5. Jude urged them to contend for : _____
a. the faith
b. the future
c. the nation
d. the lost

6. Angels are being kept in darkness. TRUE-FALSE
7. Sodom and Gomorrah gave themselves up for: _______
a. drunkenness
b. idols
c. sexual immorality and perversion
d. murder

8. Who is the archangel? ______
a. Daniel b. Lucifer c. Gabriel d. Michael
9. Whom did the archangel dispute with over the body of Moses? ______
a. the Egyptians
b. the Lord
c. the high priests
d. the devil

10. Jude pronounces woes upon these men who were acting sinfully. He compares them to three Old Testament men. Whose name DOES NOT belong? ______
a. Saul b. Korah c. Cain d. Balaam11. Jude compares these men to nature. Which does he NOT list? _______
a. trees b. clouds c. meadows d. the sea12. Who had prophesied about these men? _______
a. Elijah b. Esau c. Elisha d. Enoch
13. The prophet Jude mentioned in the above question was how many generations from Adam? _____
14. We should be merciful to those who doubt. TRUE-FALSE
15. What does Jude say is stained by corrupting flesh? _______
a. shoes b. houses c. clothing d. all the above

1. b 2. c 3. FALSE 4. TRUE 5. a 6. TRUE 7. c 8. d 9. d
10. a 11. c 12. d 13. seven 14. TRUE 15. clothing

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Luke 18:1
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