Monday, April 29, 2013

The Banquet

We are in the middle of our five year re-accreditation at WCS. We have an on-site team on campus for several days, checking our progress and making sure we meet the standards of the certification groups we belong to. One of our visitors is a former teacher here, although he has been gone for ten years. At lunch, we talked and I told him what I considered the biggest change since his departure. You can read about it below, in my post from August 17, 2009. Shoutout to Mr. Tony and his able staff!

School is off to a flying start. We've made a number of physical improvements at WCS for this year. A new wrought iron fence with stone pillars marks our boundaries. Our students and parents can now purchase a variety of Westbury Christian related items in our new Wildcat Store. A new overhead projector in my classroom is making it possible for me to join the techno revolution. But, the biggest change to WCS for the 2009-2010 school year comes at noon. We have moved from lunches prepared by our staff to meals provided by a catering company, the SAGE Dining Services. All I can say is WOW! The food is restaurant quality, there is a good variety of healthy choices, it's all you can eat, and it's already paid for! Can you tell I'm excited? Let me share with you what I've done at lunch for years. Each day, I would bring my lunch in a plastic Wal-Mart sack. The daily fare would consist of a package of deli-sliced chicken lunch meat, some sort of raw vegetable (cucumber, spinach), and a container of yogurt. Everyday. The kids could tell me what was in the plastic bag before I opened it. I didn't enjoy lunch, I simply endured it. And now, three days into the change and reflecting back, I wonder why.

Have you ever settled for less? Do you ever renounce what rightfully belongs to you and you aren't sure why? When I go to our apartment office and ask for a repair or some small upgrade like new blinds, I guess I do it apologetically because the manager chides me and tells me I am entitled to what ever I ask for, as a tenant in good standing. In John 10:10, as Jesus addresses the difference between the shepherd and the thief, He teaches that, ''I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.'' The Lord has paid for and guaranteed a full, rich life for his sheep. Why do we live life almost apologetically, clinging to a shame-filled perception of salvation? Jesus didn't promise a marginal or skin-of-my-teeth life. Guilt has its place in making us confront our sin but I don't think we were created to wallow in it. Why would I bring my little sack lunch now when I can have whatever I want as much as I want? In the same way, the blood of Jesus brings me into the kingdom of God where I will never go hungry. Both my meal tickets have already been purchased. Jesus reminded Satan that, "man does not live on bread alone." That resonates with me; I now have the salad bar, too.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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-Lane said...

Right now, I am planning on coming to school on Thursday to meet with Greg Glenn, tour the "new" school, and eat lunch. I look forward to the dining experience. I'll be sure to drop by and pay you a visit.

Katia said...

Yay! I'm sure it's fun to have something more than the usual Coach. And hey what can I say? It is pretty good. Enjoy it for me too since I won't be there :P

Mary Daugharty said...

Hi Dear "old" teacher, Mr Hawley.

So glad to see that you are blogging. And am glad that you have more choices for lunch this year.
I want to tell you that out of all the teachers I ever had, you were the nicest and bestest. (is bestest a word?)

Anyway. Good to see you in blogland. We have something in common, besides, GCS!! lol I also am published. Mosaics of Mary, by Mary Daugahrty. It is a heart-wrenching book of poetry I did last year to help me cope with how I grew up, family-less and a child of a children's home. I am greatful now, for all the pain, all the loss and I know that God can and does restore us to himself.
Jim and I are well and still married, to each other. (lol) I hope all good, and wonderful things for you.

Love ya lots Mr Hawley.

Mary ( Harcourt) Daugharty class of '81 GCS.