Thursday, July 09, 2009

Leap Of Faith

Our mid week Bible classes are looking at answered prayer. In our study last night, Dave Yasko mentioned the incident on the Sea of Galilee where Peter walked on the water...for a little while. Dave was making the point that before Peter came, Jesus summoned him. That first step out of the boat- that would have been a struggle for any of us. I hate deep water where you can't see the bottom and I want something solid on which to rest my weight. I'm not sure what is more scary sometimes; the ability to see what's at the bottom or having no idea how far down the bottom is. As Christians, we hesitate to take that first step on a journey of faith. We want the assurance that everything will be safe and the outcome will be predictably good. We sing Blessed Assurance but I think we just want a preponderance of assurance before we do anything. The Sears Tower in Chicago, the tallest American skyscraper, has just opened four small observation decks on the 103rd floor, one quarter of a mile above the street. What is unique about these ledges is that they extend past the side of the building and the only thing separating the tourist and the pavement is a 1 1/2 sheet of glass. Would you trust the very human architects and construction workers? Click on this link and watch this clip from the TODAY Show... if you aren't queasy!

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Luke 18:1
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