Monday, May 14, 2012

Her Two Cents Worth

We are in the middle of counting our Honduras pennies for the 14th year in a row at WCS. This project has created some special memories for me. The following, from May 3, 2009, is just one of many.

I caught Hyunji in the hall at the end of school on Thursday and whispered something to her. I am not in the habit of divulging the content of notes written to me by students but I'm going to make an exception tonight. That morning, Hyunji apologized on her quiz for her Honduras bottle being empty. (This week, our WCS students will bring back their bank bottles in which they have been saving loose change since January. This is our 11th year at Westbury Christian to do so and along with Friendship Christian School in Tennessee, we have contributed $200,000 for the construction of two orphanages in Honduras.) In her note, Hyunji, who is from Korea, explained that the Korean exchange rate is so bad that she is trying not to spend any money and she felt guilty. That brings us up to the whisper. Even if Hyunji's bottle might be empty come Tuesday, let me tell you what this young lady has done in recent months. You see those babies at the top of the page? Those are Meagan's little ones in her Zambian orphanage. You see those necklaces adorning their incredibly cute necks? Those are from Korea and were a gift to those two (as well as twenty-eight others) from, you guessed it, Hyunji. And those Honduras bank bottles each of our students receive, guess who was responsible for the design? That same young lady from Korea. And last week, when many of our WCS students of all grades colored a cartoon as a reminder the turn-in date is approaching, who do you think was the artist of that cartoon? I don't have to tell you because you already know. That's what I told Hyunji; her contributions to poor children around the world dwarf any pennies that she might have dropped into that receptacle. In class this week, we talked about the widow who put her life savings into the temple treasury and how Jesus praised her to anyone who would listen. The Savior made the point that it wasn't the amount dropped in but the heart of the giver. There is no listing of that Israelite widow in any of the New Testament genealogies but I have a suspicion where her family tree branched out to. I'm pretty certain she has a descendant in South Korea.

Applicable quote of the day:
"It is estimated that if the widow's mite had been deposited at the First National Bank, Jerusalem to draw four percent interest semi-annually, the fund today would total $4,800,000,000,000,000,000,000. If a bank on earth could multiply the widow's mite to such an astronomical figure, think what treasures this dedicated woman will have in heaven where "moth and rust doth not corrupt."
Author Unknown

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Luke 18:1
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