Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Life Defined

I am back in Houston. Thanks for your prayers! We had a terrific time remembering and honoring Mom. Uncle Jack said, "Nashville, Arkansas is one of the few remaining places that truly honors the dead." I believe it. We were so impressed with the care and professionalism of the Nashville Funeral Home which handled all the arrangements. It was such a blessing to us to have Aunt Jerry and Uncle Bill to help us handle decisions and make plans- it could have been a nightmare trying to put together a service from so far away. Karis worked very hard on the beautiful program and Scott was the architect of a wonderful slide show. Dave, Scott, and I delivered eulogies. With your permission, I will talk more about the week and Mom in coming days.

I was very honored to be able to write the obituary for the newspapers. I found how difficult it is to condense a beautiful life into three or four paragraphs. When Dad passed away last April 15, many of you sent memories of him for our family but also for me to share with others on this site. We would love it if you might be inclined to do the same for Mom. It can be a paragraph or as long as you want! You can send it to me at THANKS in advance. If you knew Mom, be assured Mom loved you. So do we.
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Luke 18:1
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