Monday, March 30, 2009

Update On Mom

Dave called me this morning and says Mom is fading away fast. The doctor gives her two-three days. I am leaving in the morning for Wichita. As always, the folks at WCS have been so gracious in working with me. Cecelya and Sandy are facing some weather difficulties in Montana and South Dakota, respectively. Please keep all of us in your prayers as we gather to be with Mom at the end. Thanks for all of your love for her.

I have another prayer request. Yesterday, the husband and son of my first cousin, Glynda, were in a car accident in Milwaukee. John, Glynda's husband, was released but their son, Zac, who is fifteen, had some severe chest and lung injuries. Thanks in advance for your prayers. And please remember Seth in Afghanistan and his pregnant wife, Laure, here in the States.
God bless,
Luke 18:1


Warren Baldwin said...

Our prayers are with your family, your friends, and you for safe travel. God bless. (I live in Ulysses, KS, about 3 1/2 hours west of Wichita).


Family fun said...

May God be with you and your family as you spend these last hours with your wonderful Mom!