Sunday, February 08, 2009

Good Samaritan Redux

In following up from yesterday's entry, here are several more of my eighth graders' versions of Jesus' perhaps best known and best loved parable, the Good Samaritan:

"One day, a little boy was out riding his bike when he fell down and scraped his knee. A Girl Scout passed by and said, "Oops! Can't help! I can't miss an important cookie sale!" Then, the boy's own mother drove by, somehow not noticing that he had fallen. She called out, "Be in before the street lights come on!" Finally, out of all people, the old grouchy man who lives down the street rode by on his motorized scooter and he had a First Aid kit on hand. He bandaged the kid up and gave him a ride back home."

"One day, a single mom was returning home from work. She stopped by the grocery store to pick up some food for her kids. On the way back to her car, her bag of groceries spilled. As she started to pick them up, it started to rain. A store employee with a raincoat on walked by and seeing her cart was empty, added it to the carts he was taking back inside. The woman had left her car unlocked and a suspicious man noticed. He looked at the woman to make sure she did not see him and he stole her car. After all this, a man who had just been laid off from his job walked by. He was not in a good mood but when he saw the woman, love filled his heart. He helped her with her groceries and offered her a ride home. One year later, they got married and lived happily ever after!"

"One day in Houston, a man was driving in the Third Ward area. When he stopped at a red light, some gang members forced him out of his car, beat him down, and stole his car and money. A police officer driving by saw the man on the sidewalk. He said to himself, "I should help but I have to investigate a crime scene." The police officer drove off. An ambulance drove by but the nurse and doctor on board said, "We're taking this ambulance to an accident across town." Then, a homeless man walked by, saw the victim, and had pity on him. He poured water on his wounds and dried them with his spare clothes. He put him in his shopping cart, walked him to the hospital, and gave all the money he had to pay for the medical bills."

"Lizzie needed a pencil to take her math test because all hers were broken. She really needed one because without it, she could not take the test and she really needed to pass math. She asked Annie if she could borrow one but Annie was too lazy to get one out of her backpack. So, she asked Kellie but she said she only had one pencil and it was for her. Lizzie did not know what to do because the test was about to start so she asked Katie. Not only did Katie say yes, but she let her pick (and there was ALOT to choose from!) Lizzie picked the pink glitter one and got to take her test! And, she passed it!"
(who assured me the afore-mentioned Annie-Kellie-Katie gave permission for use of their names!)

Applicable quote of the day:
"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."

Anne Frank

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Razgriz said...

When I read Ozy's rewritten Good Samaritan essay a song called Grown Men Don't Cry by Tim McGraw came to mind. (I hope you dont mind most of this comment being lyrics that were copied and pasted)

"I pulled into the shopping center
And saw a little boy wrapped around the legs of his mother
Like ice cream melting they embraced
Years of bad decisions runnin down her face
All mornin Id been thinkin my lifes so hard
And they wore everything they own, livin in a car
I wanted to tell him it would be ok
But I got just got in my suburban and I drove away

But I dont know why they say grown men dont cry
I dont know why they say grown men dont cry"

Volleyballs said...

These were really funny. All the stories matched the personalities of the person. I could tell the story was Tosin's from the first sentence.