Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Angry Brother

Today, we continue our look at the older brother in the parable of the Prodigal Son and if he had a reason to be angry when his brother returns home. These opinions are from both eighth and tenth graders. I try to balance viewpoints and genders when I select entries and never is the criterion whether I agree with their slant on an issue. Tomorrow, we will finish up this short series.

"If my sister were to take money from my parents and run away, come back, and basically get rewarded for it, I would be mad. I would be mad because whether she was back or not, it wouldn't be fair to me that she gets put up on a pedestal for sinning. The older brother was probably very angry because he felt that all his good deeds were unappreciated. He should have known when you do good deeds, don't expect to get praise for everything you do. I am the honor student at my household while my sister is average. If my sister were to make all A's and get rewarded, I would be angry, because here I am making all A's all the time and I get no token of praise. The older brother was also wrong at the same time because it was his brother and he should have been happy for him. I can't say I would have acted any different, though."

"He did have a right to be mad. The younger brother completely ruined everything. He spent 1/3 of the father's money, and on useless things, while the older brother does nothing but good things. He stays home and works. When the younger brother came home, the older brother is working in the fields. When he found out his younger brother was back, he didn't want to see him. I understand. The father was throwing a party for the one who did wrong. He was mad. I would be, too."

"Yes, the older brother had a right to be angry. It's not fair to the older brother that he did everything right but is not rewarded. I think this is comparable to grades in school. I am expected to make straight A's and don't get rewarded if I do, but if I don't get A's, I get in trouble. Some of my friends get rewarded if they make C's! The older brother was expected be good and hardworking, but the father was joyous that the younger brother was even able to come back."

"I believe the older brother had the right to be very angry. He did nothing wrong; he was the perfect child for a parent to love, and it seems almost as if his father didn't care. The older brother did right. Maybe he should have uplifted his own glory instead of trying to punish his brother."

"I understand why he was angry. I would have been angry, also. But, I don't believe he had the right to be angry, because it is the father's decision on punishment. It's just like us and Jesus. If we as Christians try to do everything right and a fellow Christian falls but tries to do better, it is not our right to decide their punishment. Only the one in charge can decide consequences."

"All sins should be forgiven. The older brother should have rejoiced in his brother's return. The younger brother had a change of heart. Like Coach Hawley says, "If your parents have ten kids and they lose one, they don't say, 'oh well, we still have nine.' "

"The older brother had the right to be angry, but he should have understood that he was more blessed than his younger brother. He should also understand that his younger brother was struggling with life and he needed to rejoice that his brother was back. I believe this because this is the lifestyle I try to live. The older brother should also understand that he is rewarded for all his work would come when it's time for judgement."

"I think that the older brother had the right to be angry, because he always did what that dad wanted. I think he had the right to be angry because when you always do the right thing, you would expect to be the one rewarded instead of someone that disobeyed the rules. I think the older brother also didn't care that his brother was alive because he got rewarded when he should have been punished."

"The older brother had the right to be angry. He should not have been, his younger brother wasted money and was rewarded of it, while while he stayed and worked diligently. He should have gone in and rejoiced even though he knew the younger brother did wrong. No matter how much of a sinner the younger brother was, he was still the older brother's brother. Family should always come before individual problems."

Applicable quote of the day:
"The pattern of the prodigal is: rebellion, ruin, repentance, reconciliation, restoration."
Edwin Louis Cole

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Luke 18:1
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